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We delivered a beta version of a new Search Console experience to a select group of users a few months ago. We’re starting to roll out this beta version to all Search Console users so that everyone may experience how easy it is to optimize a website’s appearance on Google Search. There will be reports on search performance, index coverage, AMP status, and job postings. We’ll send you an email when your site is ready in the new Search Console.

New search console

We began by including some of the most commonly used features in the new Search Console.

It can now be used in your day-to-day flow of addressing these topics.

We’re not done yet, so the Search Console (beta) will continue integrating functionality from the traditional Search Console throughout the year.

Both versions will coexist until the new Console is finished.

And they will be easily interconnected by links in the navigation bar so that you can use them both.

New search console

With 16 months of data, search performance has improved!

You’ll appreciate the new Search Performance report if you’re a lover of Search Analytics.

Users have consistently asked for more data in Search Analytics throughout the years.

The new report will get 16 months of data, making it easier to analyze longer-term patterns and conduct year-over-year comparisons.

This data will be available via the Search Console API.

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Index Coverage: a detailed look into Google’s indexing

The updated Index Coverage report provides information on how your website’s URLs are indexed.

It displays URLs that have been correctly indexed.

As well as warnings about potential concerns and reasons why Google has not indexed some URLs.

The report is based on our brand-new Issue Tracking feature.

New search console

So, how does that function in practice?

You’ll see a sample of URLs from your site when you drill down into a specific issue in new search console.

When you click on error URLs, you’ll be taken to the page’s information page.

It includes connections to diagnostic tools that can help you figure out what’s causing the problem.

Multiple teams within an organization are frequently involved in resolving Search concerns.

It’s vital to give the proper people access to information regarding the present state of the implementation.

As well as any concerns that have arisen.

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How can I do that?

With the share button on top of most reports in the new Search Console, you may do this now.

It will create a shareable link to the report.

The Search Console can also assist you in confirming that an issue has been resolved.

As well as assisting us in updating our index.

To do so, select a problem flagged and click Validate Fix.

Google will then prioritize crawling and reprocessing the damaged URLs.

It allows your site to get back on track faster than before.

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What about For sites that submit sitemap files?

The Index Coverage report is most useful for sites that submit sitemap files.

Sitemap files are an excellent approach to inform search engines about new or updated URLs.

You may now utilize the sitemap filter over the Index Coverage data to:

Focus on a specific list of URLs after submitting a sitemap file.

In Conclusion, The new Search Console was created from the ground up to surface the most actionable findings and creates an interaction model that walks you through the process of resolving any issues that may have arisen.


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