How to install a fan controller using simple ways

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How to install a fan controller? PC fan controllers have grown in popularity in recent years, and we’re seeing more case makers include them as optional extras in their models. Increases in powerful features, like CPUs and GPUs, can cause your computer system’s ambient temperature to rise, necessitating the addition of more fans for airflow. The increased need for fans (together with the necessity for some more RGB) necessitates the use of fan controllers. So how to install a fan controller?

How to install a fan controller

How to install a fan controller

Connect the controller’s second black wire to the fan motor’s black wire.

Connect the fan motor’s white wire to the white wire from the supply route.

Make sure the wire strands are straight and twist the control wire leads together to secure them to the circuit wires.

What is the purpose of a fan speed controller?

How to install a fan controller? The purpose of a capacitor converter remains the same: to regulate the voltage across the fan’s motor.

When the capacitance is increased, the voltage all across the capacitor lowers while the voltage across the fan engine increases.

As a result, the fan’s speed increases.

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Consider the following:

How to install a fan controller? Before you go out and buy a modern fan controller or fan hub, there are a few things to consider about.

Some fan controllers vary in terms of specs, channel count, and, of course, software.

Whether you’re looking for a good deal or the greatest PC fan controller, be sure it meets your requirements!


How to install a fan controller? A fan controller is frequently found at the back of a room, hidden away.

The fan controllers are sometimes made to blend in with their system but not look like a nest of birds has taken up residence in your case.

For sure, the 5.25′′ drive bay option has the nicest appearance thanks to its touch screen display,

But these are one-of-a-kind. In terms of design, the bulk of fan controller hubs that are using software/controls are kept fairly simple.

How to install a fan controller

Support with pins

Different fan controllers assist various types of fan pins; most of the time, three or four pins are supported.

Two pins are for a negative and positive flow of current, while the third pin is for RPM monitoring,

Making 3-pin versions more advanced than older 2-pin variants.

A 4-pin connector does everything above plus adds a fourth pin for PWM control.

PWM works like a switch, cycling on and off and controlling the amount of electricity delivered to the fan.


How to install a fan controller? The count of channels differs from one fan controller to the next.

It’s critical to select a controller with the appropriate number of channels for the needs.

Only three fan channels are supported by the Noctua on this list, so keep a close eye out!

In the end, About How to install a fan controller? Note: A 3 Pin Fan can be connected to either a 3 Pin or 4 Pin connector on the motherboard. Regardless of the kind of fan header utilized, the fan will run normally.





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