Learn How to Erase Flash Drive

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It is a very necessary thing to know how to erase flash drive files that are used widely in this time because it is portable, fast, and easy to use, for several reasons that we will introduce to you in this article and we will explain to you how to erase flash drive by serval ways, continue with us. There are several ways, you can buy it to erase your flash drive, it is a Format tool, format command line, Disk Part.

How to erase flash drive

 Why should you know how to erase flash drive?

You need to know how to erase flash drives, for several reasons that we mention to you.

Completely free memory for further use again.

Permanently delete your sensitive and private data.

Remove unknown viruses or malware on flash drives.

Clear data before selling Flash or donating to someone.

Below are many ways, you can buy or do manually to erase your flash drive, it is a Format tool, format command line, Disk Part, or simply the manual formatting.

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How to erase flash drive files, with the built-in formatting tool by following these steps

Connect the flash drive to the computer.

Double-click the This PC button.

Right-click on the flash drive and find it under “Devices and Drives”.

From the drop-down menu, press the “Format ” button.

From the popup, click the “Start” button.

You will see a message that all the data on the drive will be erased, press the “OK” button.

Once Windows has finished removing all drive data, will appear a message Formatting completed “.

Press on the “OK” button to close this window.

How to erase flash drive files by this command is as follow steps

Run cmd command prompt as administrator on your device.

Type this command f: / fs: NTFS / p: 2 and then press the Enter key.

This command initializes the NTFS file system, writes zeros into each sector once, then populates them with different random numbers twice.

 Erase data via DiskPart

How to erase flash drive with DiskPart by following these steps:

Run cmd command prompt as administrator.

Type diskpart in its window and press Enter key and it opens.

Type list disk, then press Enter key.

Type select disk n and press Enter key, where n is the disk number.

Type clean or clean all command, then press Enter key.

This option is the most secure because it removes data for over.

Format the USB Stick

Only format the flash drive if you wish to remove all of the data on it and start over with a new file allocation system.

1.Connect your flash drive to a USB port that is free.

  1. Select File Explorer > This PC > Devices and Drives from the menu bar.
  2. Open the context menu by right-clicking on the flash drive. Choose a format.
  3. Choose Quick Format to immediately delete the flash disk. If you don’t want it to wipe the drive and scan for faulty sectors, uncheck that box.

Choose between exFAT and NTFS for a complete format. ExFAT is a lightweight file system that is more interoperable across operating systems than NTFS, making it excellent for flash devices.

How to erase flash drive


Having figured out how to erase a flash drive, explore the operation when you need, and you will notice that all data has been deleted from the selected flash drive.

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