How to remotely access my router?

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Today in this article, we will show how to remotely access my router, that the Internet has become one of the basics of life, Certainly, all of us are exposed to this situation, especially in the case if you are the only person who has experience in this matter, so the feature of your control of the remote router will help you a lot in solving the problem of internet outage when it occurs or adjusting some settings and we will learn about all this in today’s article We will show how to remotely access my router.

How to remotely access my router

Benefits of how to remotely access my router.

If you are outside the house and the internet has been cut off, your family will certainly contact you to solve this problem.

This feature will help you in that in the event that one of the neighbours uses your internet without your knowledge.

Through how to remotely access my router, you can adjust the settings and specify the users.

You can also control the parental settings on your children’s devices and see if they play online games or are studying.

Preparing to Access Your Router Remotely

You have enable “remote sharing” at first, if it’s not enabled you can’t access it when you’re outside.

Remote sharing is just a switch that will let your router available of being accessed remotely.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to perform this without access to your router, so you’ll have to do it at home.

Type your IP address and key in your admin username and password, and then log in and look for “Remote Access”. Turn it on.

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You must enable the sharing feature.

There is a feature that must be installed in your router called the Remote Sharing feature.

So what is the remote sharing feature and how is it installed?

Log in to your browser and type in the IP address of your internet device.

It will show you the IP address of the router as well as its number.

You have now taken the first step in how to remotely access my router.

How to remotely access my router

Activate the remote control feature.

We have taken the first steps to activate this feature, so we know the rest of the steps on how to remotely access my router

After the sharing feature has been activated, log in to the browser.

Enter your IP address, username, address, and passcode.

Look for the optional remote access and activate this option.

Enable DNS and then create a new subname and hostname.

You can now copy the subname and the new hostname and go to the router settings.


We have learned how to remotely access my router and what is the benefit that will accrue to you from using this feature, as you can disconnect the Internet at the time of Your children’s sleep or while studying.




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