How To Test USB Cable if the device charging slowly?

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We will talk about How to test USB cable in this article, because It is possible that some malfunctioning chargers are not charging your Android smartphone as rapidly as they promise to be able to, Varying chargers will charge your Android device at different speeds, If you’ve ever had trouble charging your Android smartphone, or if you’d want to know how fast your charging cable is, continue reading this article, We’ll teach you how to test USB cable.

How to test USB cable

How To Test USB Cable By Charging Optimization Apps

You can know how to test USB cable by easy ways:

Because Android doesn’t provide an official way to How To Test USB Cable status.

We must use third-party apps. Under Android 11, you may temporarily disable the battery performance in Settings > Battery and device care.

The most popular charge-monitoring applications on Google Play are Ampere and ACC battery.

We’ve tested a lot of charging apps and these two are by far the best. Ampere and Accu batteries work with Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

To evaluate Android micro-USB and USB-C charging, we’ll use Ampere.

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Charging Speed Test

Below you can discover how to test USB cable by Charging Speed Test:

All you need is a charger and a safe charging device, a computer, or a portable battery power bank.

Plug your charger into its approved USB-to-wall outlet adaptor, then into your closest outlet.

See how hooking into your computer may alter your findings in the following section.

Ampere shows the important device and battery information while measuring charging power and checking charging cable speed.

What Speed Should You Expect?

After you learn how to test a USB cable you must know What Speed Should You Expect.

The label on the charging adapter is your best chance for determining the charging rate of your wall charger since every charging cable is different.

Your USB-to-wall outlet adapter’s characteristics will be listed on a sticker or imprint in a very small type somewhere on the device. The specs of the adapter are listed.

Charging Adapter for Samsung Fast Charge

On the charging adaptor, check for the Output information. A 1000mah output is what you’ll get in this scenario.

How to Improve Your Charging Speed

At the end of our guide on how to test USB cable learn how to Improve Your Charging Speed.

  • Another widespread misunderstanding is that connecting your phone to a computer or a power socket is the same thing.
  • Unlike a wall outlet, computers cannot produce the same amount of amperage.
  • Our advice is to use the charging cord and adapter that came with your Android handset rather than a third-party charger.
  • Each Android handset has charging accessories optimized for its battery. Using approved charging accessories enhances battery life and improves battery-draining pace.

How to test USB cable


USB cables are widely used to connect peripherals to computers and other electrical devices, However, the purpose of USB cords is generally the same, They’re highly useful since they can power or recharge the gadget they attach to your computer, so you need to know how to test USB cable.




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