What are the most famous software companies?

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The most famous software companies are interested in creating the best software in the Middle East, and the programming language is the basis for operating the computer of all kinds and versions, as it works to store many commands and information that are saved on your device, in this article we learn about Programming language and the best software companies.

What are the most famous software companies?

What are the most famous software companies?

Before we get to know the names of the most famous software companies, we must be familiar with the programming language,

Especially computers as follows:

First: the programming language of all kinds according to its level

  • High level programming software.
  • Low level programming software.

Second: the programming language according to the implementation method of the programs

  • Interpreted language.
  • Translated language.

Third: the programming language according to its intended use

  • A development language for applications and software.
  • A programming language for game development.

Names of the most famous software companies

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Sap
  • Symantec
  • VMware
  • The value of Tech
  • value tech
  • Smart Touch Company.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • internet solutions Company

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Multiple software languages

Programming languages are used by programmers in the largest programming companies around the world in order to deal with computers, including:

  • Java script language

The majority of computer and website developers and programmers for the largest companies use this language.

  • C language

This language is used by the largest software companies around the world due to its great speed.

  • Java language

It is considered one of the most widely used languages around the world and in Egypt in all companies.

  • SCALA language

The most famous software companies

Websites for the largest software companies in the world are developed professionally through the best planning and most accurate implementation of the project,

and that is done through the largest programming companies in the world in order to work well on the principles and objectives,

Through the site is implemented by professional companies and configured clearly this significantly improves the site.

It is not easy at the beginning of the project development and the use of the Internet and the development of the website.

Types of software    

  • Windows
  • AVG
  • House call
  • MC AFEE and Norton antivirus
  • iTunes
  • and Win Amp
  • Audio and music software.
  • Outlook email programs.
  • Internet browsers Firefox,
  • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to watch movies and listen to music, we have VLC and Windows Media Player.

What are the most famous software companies?


In the end, the most famous software companies contains the various non-physical software components, which are the components that cannot be touched in dealing with the computer, and it is a group of basic software that is used to operate the computer.


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