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Search console de google provides many services, including free and paid, and among these services is the search console, which is a completely free service that Google established to help website owners improve their websites through the facilities and information it provides, as website owners can view It contains user data, fix errors and solve problems, and all this helps in the appearance of web pages in search results through the search console de google.

Search console de google.

How to subscribe to the search console de google?

To subscribe to this service search console de google, follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Go to the search console page.
  • Click on the option to add a website.
  • Add the link to your site, email and then click on the Continue option.
  • Make sure that the Google search engine can read your website.
  • After you make sure that you have subscribed to the google search console, follow your website to get data.

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New features in the search console de google. 

Google always adds everything new as it is constantly evolving to make it easier for users and website owners to use the search engine.

Google has added a link function to the search console.

Where this function has been added to the settings of the search console, which links a web page or website that uses the search console and another website that uses another service, such as linking a website in the search console de google and a site affiliated with YouTube.

Types of connection with the search console.  

When your website is linked to Google search engine services, this adds more features to your website.

  • Google Statistics Service: This service allows you to provide more accurate data in the reports you submit to the search console de google.
  • Google Ads: Provides you with reports on paid searches.
  • YouTube: The website is linked to your videos.
  • Play console: You can index applications.
  • Chrome Market: where you can publish applications instead of your website.
  • Tasks console: You can verify your ownership of the website.

Search console de google.


We learned about what the search console de google is, how to subscribe to this service, and how it helps website owners to develop their sites and improve their visibility in search results. The reports provided by the search console help website owner.




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