Do you know How to Change Android keyboard Back to Normal?

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We introduce to you in this article how to change android keyboard back to normal form, because some people prefer the third-party keyboards, so that they replace the original keyboard on their mobile phones, but they need that to restore it to special reason If you want to know how to set up the special keyboard on your android phone, in addition to knowing how to change android keyboard back to normal complete reading this article till the end.

How to Change Android keyboard Back to Normal

Why Must you learn how to Change android Keyboard back to Normal?

As we early talked,  people generally prefer to use some other third-party keyboards on their devices.

Because these keyboards are attractive, and it either is a matter of customization or they just want a new layout or any other related reason people may have.

But these third-party keyboards are not impressive for several users, may they not like them and need to restore the previous one.

So it is necessary to how to change android keyboard back to normal one.

How to Change Android keyboard Back to Normal

How do Restore the Old Keyboard on your Samsung phone?

The process of “how to change android keyboard back to normal” isn’t difficult, only following these steps:

  • Open “Apps” on your phone.
  • Then press on “Settings”.
  • It will appear in several settings.
  • Go down unless even see the option “Language and Input”, and open it.
  • Press on “Samsung keyboard” under keyboard and input preferences.
  • Press on “Reset settings”.
  • Press on “Reset keyboard settings”.
  • Press on “Reset”.

After that, all your keyboard settings on your phone be cleared.

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Restore any Keyboard on an Android Phone

After we explain how to change android keyboard back to normal, we’ll explain how to restore any keyboard on your android phone:

  • Press on Settings, then go to “Personal and then Language & Input”.
  • Move down to the option “Keyboard & Input Methods” for the list of keyboards installed on your phone.
  • Press on “Default”, then choose among the installed and active keyboards.
  • to change the keyboard look, press “Settings” for Google keyboard, press “Appearance & layouts”, and “Theme”.

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how to change android keyboard back to normal steps?

First, install the keyword, then go to your device settings, and follow these steps:

  • Press “Language and Input”, then “Virtual Keyboard”.
  • Press “Manage Keyboard”, there is the keyboard that you have installed but it’s disabled the form.
  • Toggle on just next to the keyboard name to enable.
  • Simply tap on OK and return to “Virtual Keyboard” settings.
  • Press “Swiftkey keyboard” to get the installer and once setup is done, then press “Select Swiftkey”.
  • The dialog box “Change Keyboard” with the default keyboard will appear.

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After you learn how to change android keyboard back to normal on your mobile, you can restore your old keyboard on your android phone easily, if you need any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


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