How to use google ads to earn money

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 In this article we will know how to use google ads to earn money. Social media has become popular these days, and everyone is considering having a business from social media. The major source of income from social media is googling ads.

There are many other ways to earn like sponsored content and affiliation marketing. To know how to use google ads to earn money, you need to be familiar with google ads policies. To start your account, you need to sign up for free to Google AdSense. 

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Can I use google ads to earn money? 

use google ads to earn money

Google adds is the most common and essential way to earn money.
The detailed steps to how to use google ads to earn money is to sign up for google AdSense for free.
After that, you need to connect your social accounts with your AdSense account to start earning based on traffic to your sites. 
AdSense will automatically choose the best ads suitable for your content. 


How to make money using AdSense step by step?

use google ads to earn money  

There are few steps to start using google AdSense and start the actual money earning from it.
The first step is to make your ad spaces available through pasting your AdSense code to your site. This will allow you to choose the places where ads will be shown. 
Then you will see the highest paying ads on your site. Then automatically, Google ads will control the distribution of money to make sure you are taking your payment accurately. 
You can customize the appearance of adds to make sure they’re going in parallel with the content on your site. 


How to maximize your income from google ads? 

After knowing how to use google ads to earn money, we will give you some tips to increase your revenue.
The first way to do that is by using search engine optimization SEO to optimize keywords in your content. 
Write more, continuous writing is the best way to improve your income and increase your writing skills. 
Post useful accurate content and give value to your visitor. To make sure that they will come back to your site. 


How to calculate your earning in AdSense?

There are two simple ways we can use to calculate the money earning in AdSense. The first and most commonly used way the estimated revenue calculator, and the second way is manual calculation. 

To do a manual calculation you need to calculate the multiplication. It’s not complicated and easy to do. You will use the same data and formula as the calculator to find the estimate. 
After searching on google you will find automatically calculator. All you need to do is enter your data. 
So now you know how to use google ads to earn money and how to calculate the estimated income. 

How to use google analytics? 

Using Google ads to earn money will require you to keep your eyes on analytics.

Conclusion: If you want to use google ads to earn money, you need to sign up for Google AdSense. After that you can use different techniques to increase your income.




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