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Now we going to answer your question how to download YouTube music free, but first we but first we will tell you what YouTube is. In the beginning of May 2018, Google company announced that it had split the premium YouTube Red service into two distinct new services: a new music streaming service called YouTube Music, and another service called YouTube Premium, to display original video content without the annoying ads, in the following steps we will know how to download YouTube music free.

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How to download YouTube music

how to download YouTube music

There are two ways to answer How to download YouTube music:

Activate the Smart Downloads feature, which allows content to be downloaded automatically according to the songs you have previously listened to, and Choose playlists or songs, or albums to download.

If you don’t have the application you need to install it through Go to Google and search about YouTube Music then Download the appropriate version to your phone.

If you have a mobile phone, go to Google play or App store search about YouTube and download the application.


YouTube music

how to download YouTube music

With the launch of the YouTube Music service, the YouTube platform will be ready to dominate the music market in the world.

Because the service has a distinctive user interface, a wonderful and distinctive content library in addition to an application for smartphones, and a new player for desktop computers, both of which are designed for music, and accordingly it will become YouTube Music is Google’s direct competitor to other music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

After we showed you how to download YouTube Music, we will show you the most important features of the application


Features of YouTube music

YouTube Music has all the official releases of songs, plus access to thousands of related playlists, remixes, live performances, and music videos, 

The program lets you find any song you want to hear.

YouTube Music will provide you with communication with your favorite artists.

If you already have a Google account and therefore a YouTube account the service will know what you really like, thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques that Google relies on to develop its services.

When using YouTube Music, you can activate the audio mode to listen to music without downloading the video Go to the YouTube Music app

Click on the profile picture, then click on the “Settings” option.

Switch between video mode and audio mode.



In the end, we have shown you How to download YouTube music and the features that distinguish the application in addition to the ease and ease of using the application. We also presented ways to activate the service on the mobile phone in addition to ways to listen to music without the Internet.





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