Concept of Hardware-software and the types of them

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Hardware and software are considered the basis of the computer, as the computer without hardware and software does not exist, The computer enables the completion of all the work that is impossible for a human to do at one time, as the computer stores information and works on reformatting it, designing it, and working on entering more than one list of data at one time without any problem appearing.

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Concept of Hardware-software


Where the computer made the person completely dependent on him in sharing all his time.

Both serious and non-serious, so the computer can also be used in times of entertainment such as downloading games and using them at the appropriate time designated for this.

The computer hardware software does not have only one shape or one capacity and capabilities.

But each person can choose the capacity he wants for his device in terms of its capabilities, internal speed, and storage hard.

And all this is now available in the local markets, and we even import different types of computers that Carrying brands abroad.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important types of hardware-software:

Types of Hardware Software


As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs about the importance of the two parts of any computer.

Which are the software and the hardware.

But we must mention to you the difference between hardware software.

Which is that the hardware is the parts that exist in the ready-made computer and we can assemble them by ourselves, which is tangible to us.

We can replace it with newer or stronger ones.

While the software is the program with which we modify the pattern and behavior of the computer and reprogram it again.

but we cannot touch it, but it is not seen with our eyes at all.

Types of Hardware

HDD hard disk

They are the traditional hard disks that are found in our current devices, which is an abbreviation for the word Hard Disk Drive.

And it is one of the good disks for storing files and data for users.

SSD hard disk

A newer type of storage disk, which is an abbreviation of Solid State Drive, is 4 times faster than HDD disks,

But its price is high compared to it, and perhaps one of the most prominent components that can be obtained to increase the speed of the device, and it consumes less electrical power than HDD disks.

Types of Software

First: System Software

It is an operating system like Microsoft windows, where the system software helps the user and the computer to work together smoothly.

This makes system software essential to running any type of application software as well as the entire computer system. Without this system software, the computer would be just electrical circuits and wires.

Second: Programming Software

Whereas application software is designed for end-users, and system software is designed for computers, programming software is for computer programmers and developers who write code.

These are programs that are used to write, develop, test, and debug other programs. An example is programming languages such as Laravel, Python, C++, and others.

In the end, every person should make a better choice when he chooses his computer so that he does not choose something less than the capabilities he wants, as this will cause the problem of slowing down in completing the necessary tasks, and vice versa.




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