SEO guide: Your Comprehensive guide to a successful website

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SEO guide is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, and it means websites are optimized in the way search engines work. SEO is a set of processes implemented to rank in the first results of a search engine. The importance of search engines is that all Internet users use search engines to get what they want. You can use an SEO guide to get your website to rank first and get massive organic traffic.

SEO guide

SEO guide

White hat or black hat?

White hat refers to the set of SEO guides and procedures primarily intended to provide visitors with valuable content.

While the black hat refers to the SEO techniques that make the search engine the focus of the first attention.

It includes some procedures to deceive it to reach the first result quickly.

The black hat strategy produces quick results, but it puts the website at risk of being banned or removed from indexing.

It may also expose it to legal action.

Does your site have an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is essential and is considered one of the SEO factors for Google.

The browser puts next to the site link a sentence (unprotected) that confuses that visitor to your site.

E-commerce websites must have this certificate to protect their users’ data, particularly as they fill in bank details.

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Finding the right keywords for your business is one of the essential things in search engine optimization.

Choosing a keyword that users do not search for will not do you any good.

Also, targeting a keyword that does not meet the user’s needs is a common mistake among content creators.

So make sure to follow SEO guides and use keywords with a good traffic volume and demand.

Does the site have one copy?

I often come across clients’ websites with more than one copy of their websites.

So you find their website has a www and a version without www, especially for websites programmed on Laravel.

So make sure to have all possible website forms to get trusted by search engines.

The website is mobile compatible.

Google now considers the mobile version the approved version of its search engine algorithms.

Your website must be mobile compatible.

On WordPress, for example, mobile compatibility is automatic.

SEO guide: What about site speed?

Website speed is a factor of SEO; no one browses a slow website.

Seo guides say go back and see the favorable result.

It negatively affects your website in the search engines and the conversion rate (if you provide services or products).

Improving the meta description

Not to put a description of the product page or the article, Google will choose a description randomly from the article.

Be sure to put a unique description for each page of your website.

SEO guide


Backlinks are the links to your website and those on other sites (referring to you as a source).

One of the website owners published another article and suggested you put the article link in the content.

Thus, you have gained a backlink.

Seo says build backlinks. It is difficult to lead without backlinks, especially in high competition niches.

In Conclusion, Use the SEO guide carefully and stay away from wrong practices that will negatively affect your site in terms of SEO. Some of them may get penalties from Google and change your domain name.




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