How Can You Get Paid for Blogging ?

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How can you get paid for blogging? It’s a question people are constantly asking. I think this is due to not believing that it is even possible to get paid. Many people mistakenly believe that you must have a viral blog to achieve this. It helps. But many people are making money through their blogs, and they are not big names. So, How can you get paid for blogging?

How Can You Get Paid for Blogging?

Once you are sure that you have unique and informative content on your blog.

You are ready to learn how you can get paid for blogging.


This method was more effective.

Ad network providers like Bing and Google give you a code to place on your site.

When a visitor comes and clicks on that icon, you will get a portion of the revenue from that click.

Smart web users have become blind to these types of ads.

And thus cannot be relied upon to make an ongoing profit for your blog.

Many prominent bloggers can still make good cash from this type of advertising.

Joint Ventures

Bloggers meet to market each other’s products.

If you have a large following and know another blogger who does well, you can cross-promote.

There is a time and a place to sell.

After all, this is one valid tactic that bloggers use to make money with their blogs.

But if that’s your only focus, you’ll alienate people over time.

Affiliate Marketing

How can you get paid for blogging? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money for bloggers.

You sell products from big-name sellers like Walmart, Target, or individual product sellers.

They take care of all the details of sale and fulfillment. You send them traffic.

If a visitor buys using your link, you will get a commission.

While this is a great way to make money from your blog.

It does take time and knowledge how to set up your blog correctly.

Other Bloggers Posts

Other bloggers may contact you asking if they can pay you to publish their posts on your blog.

Usually, this will only happen if your blog is well known.

No one will contact you if you start because your blog is not showing.

But it still happens, and as your blog grows, don’t be surprised if other bloggers reach out to you.


If you have enough content to create a membership program, you should seriously consider this.

You can bring in several members who are willing to pay you consistently every month.


How can you get paid for blogging?

I use this term loosely to describe any product sold on your blog.

This could be a formal shopping cart arrangement where the customer can fill the cart with multiple products.


This article covered How can you get paid for blogging. It is worth noting that making a profit from blogging is not easy, but with good content and persistence, you will earn money.

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