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Google search console search appearance section of Google Search Console can do a lot of things, like From structured data implementation to duplicate meta tag checks, it’s vital to our SEO campaign, click on Search Appearance tab button on the menu bar on the left side, to review the reports and tools inside, Its focuses into the implementation and analysis of structured data. After incorporating the structured data code into your website to improve it as it can.

Google search console search appearance

How can change what appears on Google Search?

Chose the control panel you can select the search engine you want to edit to Click Look and feel from menu on the left
After this click the Themes tab to Select the theme you want to use  preview it in this box to the right.

Where is appearance section on Google?

When you click on the Search Appearance tab button on the menu bar on the left side, review the reports and tools inside.
Google Search Console Search Appearance Structured Data to check for any errors that you probably made.
Move to the file viewer to Click Appearance Settings , open panel with appearance settings will appear on the right side.

Data Highlighter

Rich snippets increase your website CTR, so it’s important for websites that have this events, reviews, products, services to use GSC Data Highlighter.


GSC → Search Appearance → Data Highlighter
Click into the Start Highlighting button.
Select any option to highlight you need.
Highlight this page’s elements, then pair them with the necessary elements,you will see the results in the Data Highlighter section

Filtering step

The ways to view and parse your data this filters are incredibly handy, but they can also be confusing.

Search type:

Its three search types: web, image, and video. I typically use “web,” since that’s where most of the Hub Spot Blog traffic comes from.
If you get a lot of visits from image ,video search, you adjust this filter accordingly.
Click on Compare tab to choose two categories you are interested in, select Apply.

See also: Review about Google Search Console Errors Reports

HTML Improvements to appearance

Report on the errors of your metadata.

Displays errors like meta, duplicate titles descriptions.

That is too long in word count. Basically, preview to how Google views your page.

Identify errors on your pages, and here’s how to fix it & improve it.

In case done some changes on your website, use Fetch Google feature to see if Google acknowledging the changes you have made or doesn’t yet

Google search console search appearance

Accelerated Mobile Pages.

It’s most convenient ranking factors is the AMP in you could enjoy a variety of mobile search engine result benefits.

This could be done through one simple strategy or tactic.

All of this should be included in your AMP strategy, its great way to assess and monitor the results.


  1. Check mobile site’s templating .
  2. Check implementation of your AMP.
  3. Use AMP test tool to check if some changes make significant improvement over the old version.
  4. If you are using Rich Cards, you will be able to see if there are errors in your AMP pages.

It will be updating Google Search Console which includes an update to their AMP feature on your website.

Google search console search appearance, If have found some errors on it, fixing it will be between you, the webmaster, the developer. and if structured data is not a direct ranking factor , disregarding the errors will not effect on your rankings, you will be giving your visitors a much better experience .

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