Review about Google Search Console Errors Reports

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Just in case Google Search Console reports an error, its mean that your Google bot couldn’t access your URL, your site was busy, or The request timed out, There different reasons For error why Google might not be indexing specific pages on your site, A page that is not or cannot be indexed will not appear in the organic search results, It means you are getting nothing SEO value from it.

Google Search Console Errors

Popular GSC Errors List

Server Error.
The Redirect Error.
Blocked txt by robots.
Error 404.
Error 401.
Error Not Found .
The Marked no index.

About Server Error

When GSC reports a server error, its mean Google bot couldn’t have any access to your URL.
Its two kind , maybe your site was busy or maybe timed out.

The Redirect Error

it’s best to set up a 301 redirect to tell the web browser that the page has moved  to the new page.

Review about Error 404

its mean The GB can’t find a page, it’s no longer exists in a place that is accessible to the bot or the page is now blank.
404 errors are not uncommon, since websites grow and change, so it’s not big issue.
The page requested was returns to a soft 404 response.

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Error Request Not found

This page Show a 404 error when requested, because URL discovered by Google without any request.
This warning is triggered when Google attempts to crawl a page that is only accessible to logged in user.
You don’t want Google wasting resources to crawl these URLs.
You should try to find the location on your website where Google discovered the link to remove it.
If the page no longer exists, let the URL return a 404 error, to try to eliminate any links to it.

Error Marked No Index

In case this page submitted for indexing, but page has no index directive either in a meta tag or HTTP header.
Google have two conflicting signals on what to do with the page.
If you want this page to be indexed to fix issue, remove the no index meta robots tag or HTTP header.

Google Search Console Errors

Important of Improving Web Vitals

Check these metrics on the page level to quickly identify fixes is to utilize Chrome Dev Tools.
After identifying this page with issue within Google Search Console, move to this page URL.
Press Control +Shift +C if you have windows system, Command +Shift +C if you have Mac system.
You can press right Click on this shown page and press Inspect.
When you check through issues, you will see that clicking on a page URL will open a new panel on the right side of your screen.

If Google crawler, Google bot, encounters an issue when it tries to crawl your site and doesn’t understand a page on your website, it’s going to give up and move on.


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