How to know AdSense earnings of a website

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We will discuss in this article how to know AdSense earnings of a website. To use google AdSense you have to have published content on a social media platform. The reason you have to have a content is that google AdSense is a way to create income from your content.

What is the source of this income? Who is paying for this money? The answer to these questions is the money is coming from people wanting to advertise their products using google AdSense. How to know AdSense earnings of a website will be affected by many factors.

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How to know AdSense earnings of a website

How to know AdSense earnings of a website 

You can use the revenue calculator from the AdSense website to calculate your estimated annual income. 
You need to keep in mind that this amount is just an estimate and there is no sure number. 

The reason for this fluctuation is that the region of your visitors and engagement from visitors will affect your revenue.
AdSense will pay you per click, impressions and promotions on your blog.  

 You can use the calculator by entering your region and the niche of your content. Also remember, the niche will affect your money generation. 


How to make money using AdSense step by step

How to know AdSense earnings of a website

Before asking how to know AdSense earnings of a website, you need to know the steps of joining AdSense.
There are few steps to start using google AdSense and start the actual money earning from it.

The first step is to make your ad spaces available through pasting your AdSense code to your site. This will allow you to choose the places where ads will be shown. 

Then you will see the highest paying ads on your site. Then automatically, google ads will control the distribution of money to make sure you are taking your payment accurately. 

You can customize the appearance of adds to make sure they’re going in parallel with the content on your site.

To calculate the earnings from a website we need three main factors

How to know AdSense earnings of a website you can easily use the automatic calculator from AdSense. 
The first factor is daily page impressions, which will estimate how much traffic you get in a single day. 

The second most important factor is click-through rate, which will indicate how many users are clicking ads on your website. 

The third factor is average CPC, and to have this value you need to know the total revenue and the number of clicks. To be able to know the revenue from a single click. 

Your income from your blog will be increased by increasing the number of clicks and impressions.

Make a wise decision with AdSense revenue calculator 

The easiest way to know AdSense earnings of a website is by using AdSense calculator. 
There are two simple ways we can use to calculate the estimated earning in AdSense. 
The first and most commonly used way is the estimated revenue calculator, and the second way is manual calculation. 

To do a manual calculation you need to calculate the multiplication. It’s not complicated and easy to do. You will use the same data and formula as the calculator to find the estimate. 



How to know AdSense earnings of a website is quite easy nowadays. You can do it manually or automatically. There is available revenue calculator will automatically give you the estimated outcome. 



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