How to like on instagram photos, videos and stories

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How to like on instagram photos, videos and stories How to like on instagram, Instagram’s app becomes increasingly sophisticated as it grows in popularity. Indeed, some of Instagram’s most useful shortcuts, such as the fastest method to “love” a photo or preview a snapshot in your feed, are easy to overlook. and today we are going to show you how to like on instagram if you are new on instagram:

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How to like on instagram

How to like on instagram photos, videos and stories

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Instagram is browsing through your Home feed and seeing the most recent photos from the people you follow.

You can tap the little heart button just below the image if there’s a picture you particularly enjoy.

Better still, you can like a photo the same way Instagram pros do: with a simple double-tap.

How to view all of the photos you’ve ever liked.

How to like on instagram photos, videos and stories

How to like on instagram photos, videos and stories

How to like on instagram? Liking Instagram photos may become addictive—so addictive, in fact, that it’s easy to lose count of how many you’ve liked.

Tap the Profile button, then tap the gear symbol (for iOS) or the three-dot button (for Android) in the top corner of the screen,

Then tap the Photos You’ve Liked option to see your history of “hearted” photos.

Bonus tip: If you hit the heart button again, you can “dislike” a photo. (No, double-tapping a liked photo won’t make it disliked.)

Previewing a photo

You’ll land on the Explore page if you tap the Search option at the bottom of the Instagram interface.

A grid of dozens of Instagram photographs liked by your friends and followers, as well as all your fellow Instagrammers.

You can see a full-screen version of any photo on the Explore screen by tapping it,

But you can also rapidly preview a photo by tapping and holding it.

When you do, a larger version of the image appears on the screen, where it will remain until you release it.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can raise a photo preview to lock it in place and display three options:

Send as a Message, Like, and Comment (to another Instagram user).

Instead of bumping up a preview image on Android, simply slide your finger down to one of three options:

Like View Profile, or end up sharing—and then release.

To see people’s tags, simply tap a photo.

You can tag persons in Instagram images just like you can on Facebook;

In fact, you’ll be encouraged to do so whenever you upload a new photo to your profile.

While looking at other images, you may see a small circle with a blank silhouette in the image’s bottom corner.

If you see this, it means the photo has been tagged.

Simply tap the image to view the tags, then tap a tag to be taken to that user’s Instagram account.

To sum up, how to like on instagram is a very simple process, just read the previous lines one more time to make sure that you can do it like a pro now.




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