Search console Google, how to use it

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Search console Google, how to use it Search console Google is an important aspect when thinking about getting traffic to a website, and linking a website to search engines may be one of the first steps marketers and website owners take after building it. And you have to know that Google alone has approximately 3.5 billion searches per day. To represent an opportunity and a channel that must be seized. To be able to link your site to the Google search engine, there is one tool that is used for this and that is the search console Google.

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What is the search console Google?

Search console Google, how to use it

search console Google is a free platform or tool that was created 15 years ago.

That allows you to connect your site to the search engine Google, learn about its performance from impressions on search results and clicks.

And also know what errors it suffers from that prevent it from being published Google search results.

Not only that but also allow you to review the backlinks obtained by your site and other functions that we will review later.

Why do you need to use the search console Google?

Search console Google, how to use it

1- Link the site to the search engine Google

One of the important functions of Google Webmaster Tools is that it defines your site for search spiders to begin indexing and displaying it in the results pages of the search engine.

And without it, the site will not have any presence in the Google search engine.

2- Track the movement of visitors to the website

Google Webmaster Tools allows webmasters to learn about the traffic and interactions that their website gets, and to learn a lot of details such as the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate and also learn about the average ranking of the site on the search engine, and the search words used to access the site.

How to manager errors

Follow up on the health of the site and its freedom from errors

In addition to tracking the performance of the site on search engines, you will have the opportunity to learn about the deficiencies and indexing problems that your site suffers from, through easy and simplified reports, to show you the pages that have not been archived and pages that have been indexed but have many problems and pages that have been excluded from Indexing which in this case is always forbidden by robots.txt.

There are also tools dedicated to measuring page speed and providing tips for improving it, and measuring the usability of site pages on mobile.

4- Check website links

Webmaster Tools comes with a very important tool, which allows you to check the links of your pages and articles; To make sure it shows up on Google and also to see if search spiders are hitting each page at a time.

5- Remove content from search engines

Sometimes website owners may have to remove content from search engines, even after it has been removed from the website it may be visible as a result on search engines, in which case they can easily submit a content removal request for you.




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