How I can make money off google ads

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It’s easy to make money off google ads. What you can do from this is your good knowledge of how to create a blog and profit from it. As well as the appropriate places to place ads.

All this and more will be presented in this article. Which includes many important elements that enable you to learn how to make money off google ads. Here are the elements of the article with a detailed explanation as follows

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Find out how make money off google ads

make money off google ads

You can find out how make money off google ads, through our offer to the places of withdrawal of profit:

1- Bank Transfer:

You need a bank account to receive income from your bank account.

2- Cheque (Bank Check):

No bank account is required, but monetization takes longer than other methods.

A-  Bank Transfer:

Only available in certain countries.

B- EFT via SEPA:

Only available in certain countries.

E- Western Union Remittance Bank


What is the rate of return from Google Adsense

make money off google ads

You can learn the method Make money off google ads through the following:

  1. The area in which the site specializes.
  2. The number of visitors to your site.
  3. Quality of website content.
  4. Place of advertisement.
  5. The number of ad units per page on your site.
  6. Geographical distribution of visitors.
  7. The nature of the visitor.
  8. Use permissions and block ads.
  9. The percentage of clicks out of the total number of page views that have a click-through rate on your ad.

Example of advertising revenue

There is a fashion website that gets 10,000 visitors every day.

The website click-through rate is 3%.

The average cost per click for your site is 4 cents.

Based on this data, your total monthly income =

total number of pageviews to your site per day x click-through rate x average cost-per-click x number of days per month (30 days).

Applying this formula to this example, the site’s total monthly profit would be 10,000 * 0.03 * 0.04 * 30 = $360.


Specifications of the site that is accepted in Google Adsense

  1. Exclusive content and follow Adesnse instructions.
  2. A rapid site that is suitable for the visitor time.
  3. A site that contains administrative pages that serve the visitor
  4. A site that gets a good number of visitors

Register for Google Adsense

Steps to start to gain money from Google Ads:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to the Google Adsense registration page.
  3. Go to the account creation page.
  4. Enter the website link and email.
  5. Select your country then agree to instructions.
  6. Enter the detailed address data.
  7. Connect your site to Adsense.

Finally, we have come to the end of our article to make money off google ads Which includes many aspects from how to place the advertisement to calculating profits as well as places to withdraw the profit. Also, do not forget the importance of locating the ads so that you can profit.




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