Steps for How to make AdSense account

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How to make AdSense account, do you know the answer to this question, or are you new to the field, and in any case, here is the answer, that profit from the Internet has been an obsession for many recently, as it is a fairly easy, to start earning through the Internet, it is preferable to get to know Google AdSense, where it is possible to obtain permanent profits of up to hundreds of dollars, so How to make AdSense account?

How to make AdSense account

Until we know the steps for how to make an AdSense account, let’s first get to know Google Adsense.

As Google Adsense company is a media system affiliated with Google, but it was not initially affiliated with this company.

Google Adsense system allows website owners to publish ads belonging to other companies that are contracted with Google in advance.

And the sites are allocated to display advertisements of other companies in exchange for material profits offered by these advertisers.

How to make AdSense account







Conditions to be considered before creating an account on Adsense

If you want to know how to make AdSense account, you must follow these instructions which were posted by Google before.

The user may not create more than one account, and It is not necessary to link the AdSense with YouTube.

The account holder is over the age of 18. Be careful not to change the country of your choice.

The user will have to choose a country, but if the place is changed, the country cannot be changed again.

How to make AdSense account






Steps to create an Adsense account

Before starting the steps of how to make AdSense account, you must have a website on your own domain.

Firstly, go to the Google Adsense website and press the start button, and then, enter the website URL to complete.

Agree to the terms, then click on the option to create an account, and then the user is taken to the page.

And we click on the start button from the required data The type of account is individual or business.

In addition to the name and address where the name is used as it appears on the ID card.

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Create an Adsense account with AdMob

This method is an indirect way to how to make AdSense account, it begins by entering the AdMob site.

And creating an account within it by clicking on subscribe and registering from your email. After that, the necessary data.

Such as country, time zone and currency are filled in، then you must agree to the terms and conditions.

And click on the Create option, with these steps, you will have your account easily, and completely free of charge.


In short, how to make AdSense account is very easy, and does not require technical steps contrary to what appears.

So we have collected for you today all the conditions and steps that will help you to do this.





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