How can I earn money from youtube shorts 2022?

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Can I earn money from youtube shorts The answer to this question in this article, where you can learn how to register in youtube shorts, As well as how to access the short videos that I have prepared, For viewers as well as how to profit from YouTube and Google, All this will give you enough information to launch your first short video and profit from it can i earn money from youtube shorts.

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steps out Can i earn money from youtube shorts

Can i earn money from youtube shorts

profitable short videos and can i earn money from youtube shortsBy registering in the following way:

Sign in to the YouTube app.

Click Create Short Trial.

To make your story longer than 15 seconds, click 15 on the Record button to record up to 60 seconds (60).


Recording with music from our library or original audio from other videos is limited to 15 seconds.

(Optional) Click Speed ​​to speed up or slow down the recording.

(Optional) Click Timer, to set a hands-free recording countdown and choose when to stop recording automatically.

Record a video

Can i earn money from youtube shorts

Click Undo to remove the previous video you recorded or click Redo to add it again.

Click Done to preview and enhance the video, click Next to add details to your video.

Add your video details, such as title (maximum 100 characters) and privacy settings.

For users aged 13-17 on YouTube.

The default video privacy setting is set to Personalized.

Privacy settings for posting videos

You can post this video if you are 18 years old.

All users can change this setting to make their video public, private or private.

Click “Choose Audiences” and select “Yes, the content is for kids”.

No, the content is not designed for children to choose your audience.

Read more about Children.

Now you can click on the word download, to start publishing a short video for you.

How do viewers find my short video?

Can i earn money from youtube shorts and reach viewers through the following:

Currently, viewers can find your short videos by clicking on YouTube Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app.

They may also find shorts:

On the main YouTube page.

In their notices.

Check their subscriptions.

Appear on your channel page.

Once they click on shorts, viewers can scroll to see more short videos.

How is the profit from YouTube Short calculated?

Subscribers who watch your short story in the Creator Awards program are counted, to monetize your short videos.

Can i earn money from youtube shortsHowever, you must follow the steps to win.

How to profit from Google and YouTube

Can i earn money from youtube shorts And Google through the following:

1- You can earn from advertising revenue.

2- There is a way to earn, which is to make a channel membership to profit from YouTube shorts.

3- You can earn through the merch shelf.

4- The influencer can earn money.

5- Profits can be made by Super Stickers, Super Cat.

6- You can earn through YouTube Premium.

Can I earn money from youtube shorts, if you have access to YouTube, and you are able to login to the platform with your Google account, then you can easily make a reasonable amount of money online via earning.




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