How to Start Blogging and Earning Money

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How to start blogging and earning money? These days, blogging can be big business. Once considered primarily for personal writing or memoirs, a well-designed blog can attract more clients to your business or even make money on its own! In 2022, blogging is a lucrative career path that can bring in thousands of dollars every month. If you want a slice of the action, this is the ultimate guide for how to start blogging and earning money.

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How to Start Blogging and Earning Money?

How to Start Blogging and Earning Money

If you are ready to take the leap and learn how to start blogging and earning money, let’s dive into it.

1. Pick your blog name

First, it’s time to choose an appropriate name and niche for your new blog.

Your blog name is what readers will see first (like

Your blog name should ideally represent the general topics you’ll be writing about.

It could be your business name, your own name, a clever combination of words, or something else.

2. Get your blog online

How to Start Blogging and Earning Money

How to start blogging and earning money? The second step in starting a blog, is to publish your blog on the Internet.

This is what your web hosting company will do for you.

In this step, you will define the blogging platform and web hosting plan that you will use to publish your blog online.

The combination of blogging platform and web hosting that I personally use is a WordPress blog, hosted by Bluehost.

3. Design your blog

Now that we’ve gone through the crucial preparation stage for starting a blog, it’s time to have some more fun.

Designing your WordPress blog is the time when you may start to feel some friction with the process.

When you decide which topic to choose, be sure to keep it simple.

It really helps when you have a clean design with good blog content.

If your blog doesn’t look good, readers won’t bother reading your content, no matter how good it is.

4. Write your first blog post

Don’t read a blog because it looks pretty or because it posts frequently. (Although both help).

You read a blog because you care about what you have to say.

Creating solid content is what will bring you readers and ultimately help you make money blogging.

5. Promote your blog

The obvious first place to go when you want to find readers is social media.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok are some of the biggest networks today.

Whichever platform best suits your niche interests and audience, it’s the right platform for you.

This is an important note. There is no point in trying to promote your blog articles on all social media platforms.

6. Make money from your blog

How to start blogging and earning money? It’s good to have an idea of ​​the ways you want to make money blogging.

Some of these monetization strategies will be easier than others to implement while your readership continues to grow.

  • Online Courses and Workshops
  • Books and Ebooks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Speaking Gigs
  • Consulting/Coaching
  • Selling Freelance Services


This is all about learning how to start blogging and earning money. There are plenty of ways you can make money blogging, but I recommend not overburdening yourself and doing them one by one instead.




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