How to make money off your blog and get revenue

How to make money off your blog and get revenue

How to make money off your blog can be very easy, simple, and give you good revenue. All you need is to know exactly how to start and manage your work properly. The very first step when creating a blog is to choose a name that will make people search for it. Searching for your blog and writing is the guarantee of having an audience and a number of readers. Create your blog and write about people’s needs. To know how to make money off your blog, just keep reading.

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How to make money off your blog and master blogging?

How to make money

How to make money off your blog can be done through some steps we will come to and explain briefly.

Starting a blog is easy but the thing about blogging and making money is patience, you need to plan your work.

Take steps to find your niche and the topic people are looking for to make sure you have stable readers.

Select the plan you will start with if you will use a free platform or a paid one to be unlimited.

How do you become consistent and always improve your blog?

How to make money

You may ask yourself if you are going to complete the blogging or give up if you didn’t get revenue.

In order to keep going on blogging, you need to choose something you enjoy writing about to master your skill.

Draft a number of blogs before starting, and make sure you have a stable organized plan for your upcoming blogs.

And make it also useful for people, to write and talk about what they need and choose your topic smartly by google.

How to add more money to your blog easily?

There are some other ways that can give you more money besides blogging and make the best out of it.

For example, you can get an account on google ads that give you money for sharing ads and clicking them.

The idea is based on making your reader click on the ads, by that you will be paid for the advertisement.

Google pays around %68 of the number of clicks on the ads, so you will talk about it in your blog.

How do you get an audience by hosting blog posts?

Sharing your work with other blogs will make it best for both of you, it is a double-edged weapon.

You will start by offering your help for hosting posts for other blogs and they will do the same for you.

By hosting the post, you will make your readers visit their blogs and the other way around get more readers.

You can reach more bloggers by sending your blog resume over LinkedIn for example try to reach more.

To sum up, how to make money off your blog and make it profitable is very easy, simple, and give you good revenue. You just need to plan your work and give it some time.



Blogging basics

How to make money off your blog and get revenue

What Is The Purpose Of Mining Cryptocurrency ?

In order to understand what mining cryptocurrency is, one must first understand what it is. cryptocurrency is added to the cryptocurrency network via the process of mining; Maintaining and improving the blockchain ledger is impossible without it, It is the network’s mechanism for confirming new transactions. An incredibly difficult computational math problem must be solved in order for “mining cryptocurrency” to take place; The next block of bitcoins is given to the first computer that solves the challenge, and the process repeats again.

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Why Do Individuals Participate In The Mining Cryptocurrency ?

What Is The Purpose Of Mining Cryptocurrency ?

Getting paid in cryptocurrency for validating and monitoring cryptocurrency transactions.

It  is a great motivation for individuals to become involved in mining in the first place.

Mining cryptocurrency is a “decentralized” cryptocurrency, meaning that it does not depend on a single central authority.

Like a central bank or government to regulate itself.

In order to determine whether mining is the right choice for you, have a look at this guide first.

Cryptocurrency Needs Miners

What Is The Purpose Of Mining Cryptocurrency ?

Miners on the network do computational tasks to acquire additional tokens.

Which is called ” mining cryptocurrency .”

In reality, miners are compensated to do auditing tasks.

They work to validate Bitcoin transactions. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, devised this rule to keep people honest.

Miners assist solve the “double-spending issue” by validating transactions.

Falsified money isn’t the same as spending a dollar twice.

It’s possible to clone and distribute digital tokens to merchants or other parties while keeping the originals.

Why Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining cryptocurrency is the sole means to create new money, in addition to enriching miners’ wallets and maintaining the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In essence, miners “mine” money. For example, there were slightly under 19 million bitcoins in circulation as of March 2022, out of a total 21 million.

Miners produced all bitcoins save the ones created by inventor Satoshi Nakamoto (the first block).

Ceci ne supprime pas the need to verify transactions to maintain the Bitcoin network’s integrity.

Miners will continue to authenticate transactions and get compensated for their services.

A Miner’s Salary

It cost 50 BTC to mine a block in 2009.

In 2012, the number of Bitcoins dropped from 50 to 25. It was down to 12.5 BTC by 2016. On May 11th, 2020, the reward will be lowered to 6.25 BTC.

At about $39,000 in March 2022, finishing a block would net you $243,750. (6.25 X 39,000).

It’s not a bad reason to tackle that complex hash problem.

Each of these halves is recorded by the Bitcoin Clock, which updates in real time.

Pools Of Miners

To begin, mining incentives go to the miner who solves the problem first.

And the probability of a participant solving the puzzle is directly proportional to the number of miners they have on the network.

It’s difficult to discover the next block if you just have a little fraction of the mining power.

A $2,000 mining rig, for example, only accounts for 0.001% of the program’s total mining capacity.

It may take a long time for the miner to find the next block.


As a result of cryptocurrency “mining cryptocurrency ” transactions are validated and confirmed, preventing double-spending by undesirable actors. Also, it’s how new cryptocurrency are added to the network; Producing pow, based on a challenging problem, needs a significant amount of processing power.




How to make money off your blog and get revenue

Can you earn from blogging and how to make more

Can you earn from blogging and make writing and sharing blogs online make you some good money and revenue. As blogging nowadays became one of the most profitable ways that you can make from the comfort of your home. The technique of earning from blogging doesn’t depend only on writing and sharing blogs but many other options. Such as selling online products, affiliate links, online courses, and education, and joining google ads for more and better income. To know how can you earn from blogging, just keep reading.

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Can you earn from blogging and start your own blog?

can you earn from blogging

can you earn from blogging is a question repeated so much now for the benefit of online work for anyone.

You can start a blog using a free platform for the blogs or you can create your own paid website.

The free platform is very useful when it comes to a new blogger, who wants to learn and know more about the field.

Even if the free platform can be limited compared to other sites, super easy and quick to start and earn.

What is the best affordable blogging site for beginners?

can you earn from blogging

The first and most used free platform is WordPress, which is a free basic blog introducing easy services.

The blogger, a blog site introduced by google services, is free as well but can be limited for customization.

Another platform called Medium is used mainly for writing by journalists, but it doesn’t support ads so it will be limited.

They are all freely accessible blog sites however they can some restricted with the designs and ads.

How to choose a profitable topic for your blog?

Choosing the niche is one of the best ways to make you earn from blogging and make a good audience.

Search for the trendiest topic, the information that people are looking and searching for on google, and make it your target.

However, you need to be unique and do something surprisingly different not only comping others’ work.

For example, fashion is one of the searched topics all the time and life insurance as well so you will be focusing on these.

Best ways to choose your new blog topic and content:

You will start by searching other bloggers’ work and know exactly the success and what are the most visited ones.

Use google to know what people are searching and looking for using google suggests, it gives you the most searched topics.

Use social media to know the current trends, as it will help you to pick a topic easily, like Twitter for example.

When you get the topic make sure to be yourself, to use your own style to make your work unique and different.

To sum up, can you earn from blogging and make writing and sharing blogs online is a big yes, you can make good revenue from blogging by planning and starting the right way.



SEO tool

How to make money off your blog and get revenue

Review about earn from google blogger

If you own a new site, you can earn alot of money from blogging if you work hard and according to SEO rules. There are several ways to earn from google bloggers. There are many ways to monetize with ads. And if you want to find a way to profit money through Google,  you should try AdSense on your website. In this article you’ll find everything you need to earn from google bloggers to increase your earnings from Google we recommend that you check out the following ways.

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How to earn from google bloggers?

You can display ads on google to your blog to get income.
You can post ads directly alongside your content and also use advertising sites, like Google AdSense, to sell your space on your behalf.

Ability to make online ads relevant to your blog’s content and readers, many advertisers are keen to pay extra for your ad space.

Make money from your website

A lot of advertisers are competing for your ad space due they need it.
Means more relevant ads on your website, and more ad space on your website to earn from google bloggers more.

Optimizing google ads for mobile devices

Google can develop the size of your ads units to use it on all devices automatically.

Which means they’ll be more likely to be seen and clicked to earn from google bloggers.

Once you add a single code to your website and Google automatically renders it you will have the opportunity to design your site.
Which will give you a great blueprint for your ad design.

Create the website according to a type for Google


Review about earn from google blogger

There is content that gets new users to your website and there is content that gets visitors to come back to your site always too.
Ideally  you should present these two types of content in a balanced way.
In this way you will earn from google bloggers by attract new traffic to your website and ensure

The perfect websites for content that attracts new visitors

Blogging Sites.

E news Sites.

Private social networks.

Free Online Tools.

Google Ads are reviewed for high quality and relevance to the content or audience and what is the result of that? You can earn from google bloggers.

Activate AdSense Custom Search Ads

Review about earn from google blogger

If you have a website with a large amount of content you can benefit from AdSense custom search on your website.
By allowing them to search for specific content on your site  will this give your users an excellent experience.
It helps you by increasing your Google AdSense earnings by displaying ads and your site’s search results.

Be sure to keep your user experience in mind when deciding what type of ads to use and where to show them to earn from google bloggers should always include more content than ads.

There are a lot of profit options to  earn from google bloggers. You can combine and match any number of monetization sources to see which one is performing the best.




How to make money off your blog and get revenue

Discover how do I get paid on youtube 2022

In order to know how do i get paid on youtube Correctly follow the steps of making  profitable channel, This would bring you money, Because any defect in one of the steps of making a YouTube channel affects the level of profit, So learn how to make a channel well until you reach knowledge how do i get paid on youtubeThus, you will be qualified to profit from the YouTube platform, so we made sure to collect this information in this article.

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how do i get paid on youtube

How do i get paid on youtube

To know how do i get paid on youtube:

The first criterion is the country in which the videos originated.

Of course, the most watched video in the US is very different from the one people watch from Egypt.

The United States is ahead of Egypt in economy and technology.

Americans are more inclined to buy than Egyptians.

Condition is the type of video content

How do i get paid on youtube

This requirement is very important to know how do i get paid on youtube.

The more profitable the site, the higher the cost of advertising on it.

The third condition, the duration of watching the video:

There is a high probability that the video ad will be seen by the general public.

That’s why more than half of the video is worth it.

The last criterion is the quality of the video content.

The higher the quality of the videos on your channel, the higher your chances of making a profit.

YouTube Terms for Starting a YouTube Channel

By following these steps, you can start making money on YouTube and see how do i get paid on youtube:

  1. Choose an idea that makes you unique and share it on your YouTube channel.

2- Start submitting high quality videos to your channel.

3- Start promoting and get more views.

4- Apply all possible strategies and methods to increase the number of views.

How to make money on YouTube

You can see how much profit I can make on YouTube, here are the basic requirements for it.

1- Make the channel content good.

2- You should reach 1000 subscribs to start displaying ads on your channel.

3- Your channel should get 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

4- You need to create a Google AdSense account and link it to your channel.

All this you need in order to know how do i get paid on youtube.

We brought you an article about how do i get paid on youtubeAnd this is in order to know the correct steps to create a YouTube channel and profit from it, As well as to know the conditions for profit and getting money from the YouTube platform.




How to make money off your blog and get revenue

How much you earn from youtube per month?

How much you earn from youtube will depends on your effort. Many people think that it earning money from youtube is magical.  At the beginning of your journey you will earn money and you should be ok with that. After investing in your content and build trust with your audience money will come by default. How much you earn from youtube will be affected by many factors other than your effort. Like the nature of your content and the engagement of your audience.

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How much you earn from youtube as celebrity?

To become a celebrity on youtube you need to be patient. As you know the world of social medial and digital marketing is highly competitive. So to become a celebrity you need to keep your content creative and energetic all the time.

How much you earn from youtube

To be a celebrity you need to have millions of views on your videos. Like the most common and famous youtubers we watch nowadays.

How much you earn from youtube may be 100 dollar or 32 million dollars per year.

The average of highest income from youtube nowadays is 32 million per year.

What are Sources of income in youtube?

You need to know the sources of income from youtube. How much you earn from youtube per month variable depending on the sources you are using.

How much you earn from youtube

The main source of income is advertising. There are many other ways like sponsored content. After building a trust with your audience on youtube many brands will call you to offer their products and services. And of course you will have money generation from the brands you are collaborating with.

Also you can use paid membership from your subscribers. You can offer them paid membership for special emoji and badges.

100 million view on youtube give how much income?

After asking about how much you earn from youtube you may wonder how much income from 1000 views?

If you have a video on youtube reached 100 million views you are officially a YouTube celebrity. And this video is reached and liked by money people on YouTube.

It’s a well-deserved earning as reaching this number means you invested so much in your channel.

When a video of your reach 100 million views you may earn 30000000$. Which means you have to make video production is your full time job.

After 100 million total views on youtube you are officially a youtube celebrity. And at this point you can make youtube your full time job.

How I can sell my merch from youtube?

If you are wondering between yourself do youtubers get paid the answer is yes. It’s not necessary for youtubers to have the only income from advertising. There are many youtubers making their revenue from selling their merch.

You can start selling your merch after building your channel. Some people create YouTube channel specially for making their selves audience and start selling their products.

You are not forcing your audience to buy your product, you are just using your platform.

Conclusion: How much you earn from youtube dpends on your effort. There are many factors affecting the amount of your income. Mainly number of views and audience engagement.