Download Internet Explorer 7 and its advantages and disadvantages

Download Internet Explorer 7 is an important thing. Microsoft released it in October 2006. It is part of a long line of Internet Explorer releases. It comes as the default browser in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and is considered an alternative to Internet Explorer 6 after its release. Regarding its advantages, disadvantages, and everything related to Internet Explorer 7, we will talk about all this in our article and give you all the information about Download Internet Explorer 7.

Download Internet Explorer 7

Download Internet Explorer 7

Download Internet Explorer 7 : Ease of using Internet Explorer to go to all the sites.

We want to go to the ease of the search process, unlike other browsers.

The ability to print all the papers we need through Internet Explorer.

As well as the ability to change the size of the text we want to print.

Being able through Internet Explorer to determine geographical locations worldwide and also determine all regions.

Features of Internet Explorer 7

Download Internet Explorer 7 helps protect your personal information with some features from hacking and tracking what might harm you.

Through the browser, he could change the view in a simple process.

It supports many applications that we find in it only, unlike other browsers.

Disadvantages of Download Internet Explorer 7

Although it has many beautiful features and gained popularity and admiration.

It has flaws that did not allow it to first place among other browsers.

Among these drawbacks is that it does not work on :

Windows XP also suffers a lot in trying to compress, as well as it does not have an RSS service icon.

Although it is also less secure, unlike other browsers, and also slow with recent versions, including:

Hackers also target IE7.

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Requirements to run Internet Explorer 7 on a PC

If you want to Download Internet Explorer 7, your computer must have Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 and a processor.

One gigahertz (GHz) or faster supports PAE, NX, SSE2, and RAM. 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 gigabytes (GB) (64-bit).

It must also contain hard disk space—16 gigabytes (GB) (32-bit) or 20 gigabytes (64-bit) graphics card.

Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM drive and Internet access.

Download Internet Explorer 7


How to Download Internet Explorer 7 for free? Due to its shortcomings and advantages.

Internet Explorer 7 is still required to be downloaded.

And many people prefer Internet Explorer 7 over the rest of the other browsers.



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Download Google Chrome for Windows 7: advantages and disadvantages

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7 because Google Chrome is one of the significant developments of Google and works on most operating systems; it was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and later it was installed on Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android, and one of the most important features of Chrome browser is that it is stable, fast and secure, and the interface Easy. Our article will talk about everything about downloading Google Chrome for Windows 7.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

The ability to open newly closed tabs in Google Chrome through the keyboard you approached them, intentionally or unintentionally.

Get rid of annoying alerts and pop-ups from websites on Google Chrome by:

Pressing the lock button next to the site address.

Then choose Settings and choose Block from the drop-down list in front of the alerts.

Features of Google Chrome on Windows 7

To learn more about Download Google Chrome for Windows 7:

Save passwords in Google Chrome and use them later if you forget them and the ability to change the appearance of Google Chrome.

The ability to get the task manager from Google Chrome detects problems.

And fixes them immediately without any problem and closes tabs that have any problem.

Disadvantages of Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

Google Chrome browser does not support many Android systems.

So it also takes up a lot of space in the phone and takes up a lot of storage space.

Google Chrome consumes the phone or computer battery very much and very quickly.

And it also consumes a lot of RAM due to the multitasking it performs.

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Comparison of Google Chrome browser with Opera browser

By Download Google Chrome for Windows 7, We will make a small comparison regarding security and privacy.

And each one decides which browser is best for them and downloads them to start Chrome.

Chrome offers a private browsing mode so that it does not offer to block third-party tracking cookies by default.

As well as blocking cryptocurrency mining scripts and blocking social trackers.

Unlike Opera, it provides all these services, except for blocking social trackers.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

Is it possible to disable annoying site notifications on the Google Chrome browser?

Of course. You can disable annoying notifications, which are straightforwardly and straightforwardly, just through the settings.

We will go to any site and then click on the three points at the top.

After this, we go to Settings, scroll down, and click on Show notifications.

And then, we scroll down until we see the Sites section, and through this section, we can delete notifications by clicking on Show notifications.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7


We have provided you with everything related to download Google Chrome for Windows 7, and it is time to hurry up to download it to achieve the maximum possible benefit.


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Review about Google Search Console Errors Reports

Just in case Google Search Console reports an error, its mean that your Google bot couldn’t access your URL, your site was busy, or The request timed out, There different reasons For error why Google might not be indexing specific pages on your site, A page that is not or cannot be indexed will not appear in the organic search results, It means you are getting nothing SEO value from it.

Google Search Console Errors

Popular GSC Errors List

Server Error.
The Redirect Error.
Blocked txt by robots.
Error 404.
Error 401.
Error Not Found .
The Marked no index.

About Server Error

When GSC reports a server error, its mean Google bot couldn’t have any access to your URL.
Its two kind , maybe your site was busy or maybe timed out.

The Redirect Error

it’s best to set up a 301 redirect to tell the web browser that the page has moved  to the new page.

Review about Error 404

its mean The GB can’t find a page, it’s no longer exists in a place that is accessible to the bot or the page is now blank.
404 errors are not uncommon, since websites grow and change, so it’s not big issue.
The page requested was returns to a soft 404 response.

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Error Request Not found

This page Show a 404 error when requested, because URL discovered by Google without any request.
This warning is triggered when Google attempts to crawl a page that is only accessible to logged in user.
You don’t want Google wasting resources to crawl these URLs.
You should try to find the location on your website where Google discovered the link to remove it.
If the page no longer exists, let the URL return a 404 error, to try to eliminate any links to it.

Error Marked No Index

In case this page submitted for indexing, but page has no index directive either in a meta tag or HTTP header.
Google have two conflicting signals on what to do with the page.
If you want this page to be indexed to fix issue, remove the no index meta robots tag or HTTP header.

Google Search Console Errors

Important of Improving Web Vitals

Check these metrics on the page level to quickly identify fixes is to utilize Chrome Dev Tools.
After identifying this page with issue within Google Search Console, move to this page URL.
Press Control +Shift +C if you have windows system, Command +Shift +C if you have Mac system.
You can press right Click on this shown page and press Inspect.
When you check through issues, you will see that clicking on a page URL will open a new panel on the right side of your screen.

If Google crawler, Google bot, encounters an issue when it tries to crawl your site and doesn’t understand a page on your website, it’s going to give up and move on.


Discovery Google crawl stats Report

Crawl Stats report, how you statistics about Google’s crawling history on your website. Like, how many requests were made and when, what your server response was, and any availability issues encountered. so we use this report to know whether Google encounters serving problems when crawling on your site, report to advanced users. If you have a site with fewer than a thousand pages, you not need to use this report or worry about this.

Google crawl stats
What are Google crawl stats?

Its helps developers, webmasters, and SEOs understand Google’s crawling experience on their websites.
Which only showed three metrics in isolation: pages crawled, data  downloaded, and time spent downloading.
The new version looks more like the rest of Google Search Console; there is critical information for technical SEO here.
The report provides in depth data to how Google crawls on your website and
how your site reacts to any given crawl.

Finding Google crawl

To see the new Google Crawl Stats report, going to Search Console and access to the property. Click on property.

On the left hand rail under property settings, click crawl stats to open this report.
A Window for crawl history which reports on metrics like total crawl requests, download size, and average response time requested URLs.
It will be another window for this host status issues associated by your robots. txt file, DNS resolution, and server connectivity.

Google crawl stats MEASURE

report measures how bots interact with your site.
At the top of this report fold you have a graph and metrics shown total crawl requests, download size, time spent downloading

Crawl requests:

The total number of crawls for URLs on your Website in a period to indicate how frequently Google is crawl your website.
These include both successful and unsuccessful crawl requests server connectivity issues, redirect loop issues.

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Download size:

Total of download size, its reflected how much content Google is downloading during its crawling process in the given time period.
Its high averages can Google is taking too long in crawl your website.
That said, good average response times, its offset this issue as they are a good indication of a site that is efficient to crawl.

Total or average response time:

Its mean how long it takes for a search engine to request page content.
The lower the number, the less time so crawling and indexing at a faster rate to improve this number.
There are a number of optimizations that can be made, you can block unnecessary pages from being crawled by cutting bloated content or code, modifying your robots.txt file.

Google crawl stats
Improving crawl stats for your site

To help website owners to understanding how Googlebot crawls in their sites, we’re launching a brand new version of the Crawl stats report in Search Console.
Google Search Crawl Stats report helps for technical SEO, when of course deals heavily with crawling and indexing of the website ,If Google can’t properly crawl your site, not available to index  the new pages or detect changes to old pages to consider content for this ranking purposes.


Best browser Google Chrome for Windows 7

Google Chrome for Windows 7 web browser is the most advanced and most in-demand web browser on the Internet today. This browser offers fierce competition with all the other popular web browsers of the era, and due to its perfect features, it is becoming more and more popular every day. Enjoy both services on the same platform. Enjoy a smooth and wonderful experience. The interface and structure of the application is well designed to easily deal with first-time customers. Here is Google Chrome for Windows7.

Google Chrome for Windows 7

Information about Google Chrome for Windows 7

Google Chrome requires less space to install than your hard drive.

Users can load heavy websites in seconds without negatively affecting the performance of your computer.

You can download Google Chrome browser for PC running Windows 7.

The possibility of using the application for business and personal use.

Ease of solving all problems with Google Chrome application.

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Google Chrome Benefit for Users

The user can use Google Chrome for Windows 7 at any time.

The browser is free and has great features.

The browser protects your data and does not share it with other websites.

When you use Google Chrome, it will give you alerts when there are suspicious sites.

The user needs to exit the browser when entering any website.

Users may find it slow when downloading and installing Google Chrome.

Features of Google Chrome web browser

Discover the features of Google Chrome for Windows 7 in the following:

  1. Powerful web browser for internet streaming.
  2. Keep the tool running smoothly.
  3. Google Chrome protects your privacy.
  4. We offer the best combination of Google Chrome and Chromium Blue browser.
  5. You can chronicle between devices easily.

Download Google Chrome browser for Windows 7, and enjoy many features.

Technical details of the Google Chrome web browser

Here is the technical information for Google Chrome for Windows 7:

  • File size: about 56MB
  • Developer: Google Inc.
  • Compatibility: x86 and x64 architectures.
  • Download Google Chrome Browser for PC Windows 7.

Finally, it’s the best web browser in the world, Download Google Chrome Browser for PC Windows 7.

Google Chrome for Windows 7

Google chrome problems

Google Chrome Download for Windows 7 Despite its advantages, it has problems.

The tab may not respond to the browser.

The emergence of dangerous programs on the computer.

The user’s page has stopped, while opening Google Chrome.

Slow google chrome browser during downloading, installation as well as running.

Google Chrome may crash several times.

Some sites may conflict with the browser for its security feature.

It is not allowed to open any position for security, and this makes you unable to open any site.

Google Chrome Download for Windows 7, a great browser, safe and easy to use, but it may encounter some problems as presented in the article, So a Google Chrome Windows 7 user should try to figure out how to handle the matter.





Discover Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows 10

You can enjoy it when using Mozilla Firefox Download Windows 10. This is because it has good user qualities. Enjoy fast internet browsing and use all available tools without violating your privacy. Firefox collects very little data about you, so it does not ask for your email address to download your browser. This is because, unlike other browsers, there is no financial stake in tracking you on the web Mozilla Firefox Download Windows 10, a great browser.

Mozilla Firefox Download Windows 10

Privacy for Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows 10

Learn about the most important features in Mozilla Firefox Download Windows 10:

The browser protects your privacy and preserves your data.

It blocks third party cookies.

Incognito browsing feature to save searched information on the browser.

Free and easy to use browser.

Problem installing ads on Firefox

This is a problem on Mozilla Firefox download Windows 10, and you can find out from the following:

It does not install ads so you can surf the internet faster.

Ads work and slow web page loading.

Firefox automatically turns off most fake programs.

You do not need to reset privacy and security because the browser maintains it.

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Language change feature for Mozilla Firefox

You can change the language of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 download as follows:

You can fully control the Firefox browser.

You can set the language because the browser has many languages.

You can adjust the settings at any time. The Arabic language is available on it as any language.

Slowdown problem on Mozilla Firefox browser

The user may experience computer irritability while the browser is loading.

Can you

find out about this on Mozilla Firefox download Windows 10 from the following:

Firefox loading may be delayed because it is slow.

Download Firefox 32-bit to get the required speed.

The browser must always be updated in order for it to work with you with the required efficiency.

Scan your device for harmful viruses targeting your operating system.

If you don’t open the site

Mozilla Firefox can load Windows 10, not opening as follows:

Firefox may not open major sites, including Facebook.

Adjust the date to match the current date.

Setting the date and time is one of the most important factors in protecting your data.

Mozilla Firefox Download Windows 10


We have presented information about Mozilla Firefox Download for Windows 10, and this information is about some problems that users are facing. While downloading, using and installing the browser, Mozilla Firefox downloads Windows 10.