Pubge mobile lite apk download

The pubge mobile lite apk is a version of the popular PUBG Mobile game, which has been produced for mid-range Android device, pubge mobile lite apk offers you the same gaming experience as the original game, but with some differences, if you want to know more about this game, and what are its new features, in addition how can you play with it, continue with us in this article.

Pubge Mobile Lite Apk

Information of pubge mobile lite apk

The pubge mobile lite apk has same gameplay that you find in other titles in the Battle of Kings series.

But your goal here is to survive in ever-shrinking scenes and be the only player to survive on the battlefield.

You will have a large number of weapons, vehicles and other equipment at your disposal, you have to use them intelligently to beat all your rivals.

It allows you to participate in battles of up 60 players at the same time and no more.

Game Features

This game pubge mobile lite apk has fantastic feature are:

  • The pubge mobile lite apk works on weak devices.
  • It offers you all the weapons and advantages in the game but in a small size.
  • Do not consume a large Internet.
  • It allows you to experience a faster and more exciting gaming experience.
  • Instead of the battles that last for thirty minutes, here the battles only last for 15 minutes.

What’s new in PUBG MOBILE LITE?

There are many advantages, and the most important features are:

  • It is completely free on the Internet, and it also has the advantage of providing you with high quality.
  • It provides accurate audio and visual effects so that all users can play and play on it.
  • It provides you with a lot of levels, stages, and missions that get more and more difficult.
  • Every time you win and complete the missions so that the game becomes fun.
  • Through the game you and your friends can playin teams.
  • These teams and eliminate other teams in order to win and get the first place.

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How can you download the game?

pubge mobile lite apk can be downloaded by entering the Google Play Store and searching for it.

Then, press the install button and wait for a while complete download process.

Pubge Mobile Lite Apk

What can you do to make the game run smoothly when it lags?

If pubge mobile lite apk lags you can do following:

  • Close all processes and restart your device.
  • Check your battery level.
  • On some phones, processor frequency will be lowered when the battery level is low.
  • This may result in lower frame rate and game lags.
  • Consider charging the phone till sufficient batter level, then experience the game.
  • Check the temperature of your phone.
  • Could make your phone really hot and reduce frame rate.
  • Consider pausing the charging temporarily.
  • Check your connection signal.


It is worth noting that pubge mobile lite apk has succeeded in transferring the experience of all the excitement of ‘PUBG Mobile’ to the mid-range devices that have a smaller memory.


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Learn How to Unblock Message on Android Easily

We need to know how to unblock message on Android, to unblock a person we previously blocked for one reason, perhaps you had a quarrel with a brother or friend and you blocked his messages as a reaction, or you were exposed to the opposite situation from someone who was joking with you and when you found out that you knew him you wanted to unblock him So, in this article, you will find how to unblock message on Android.

How to unblock message on android

How to Unblock Message on Android?

If the person is in your contacts, how to unblock the message on android is by following:

  • Click on the messaging icon and you will find a list of all messages.
  • Scroll down until you find Blocked SMS.
  • Tap on the number you want to unblock.
  • Then click on the More options button which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Unblock button.
  • After that, an unblocking message for this number will open.
  • Click the “OK” button to be unblocked.

Unblock by Application

This can be done through other applications, and here you find how to unblock message  on android  through these steps:

  • Open the Messages Logo Round app.
  • Click the More Options button, then Spam and Blocked.
  • Select the contact from the list and press the Unblock button.

Once you’re done pressing the back button, you’ll see that the spam report has been removed, and the conversation is back on the main screen.

But what if the person isn’t in your contacts, what do you do?

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Unblock Someone Who is not from your Contacts

If the person is not in your contacts, how to unblock message on android from him is by following these steps:

  • Go to the call history of your Android phone.
  • Tap the Menu button, then tap Block List.
  • You will see the number under the block list, tap on the number you want to unblock.
  • Click on the Unblock button.

Once this is done, messages from that number are unblocked and all messages from that number are re-received.

How to unblock message on android

Enabling the Settings to Unlock Android

How to unblock message on android by settings, by following the steps:

  • Click on the “App Menu” icon.
  • Press on “Options”.
  • Press on “Behavior”.
  • Turn on the show on the incoming message.
  • Turn on and turn on the screen.

You can apply that to all devices in the ZelloWork network:

  • From “Admin Management Console”, from taskbar click on “Settings”.
  • From the right sidebar click on “Android”.
  • Turn on Bring Zello to the front when receiving.
  • Turn on the screen
  • Press on “Save and Apply”.


After you know how to unblock message on android, you can remove block any number you previously blocked and you can-receive messages from it, do not hesitate to ask for help if you encounter something.


Google Support

Android Central


How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android, Most Android owners have discovered that their device has a large number of files. The information is displayed when you check the device’s internal storage. The data refers to how much space each file takes up. There should be a Misc folders or Miscellaneous files option in that list. These kinds of documents are also consuming a lot of internal storage space. So how to get rid of miscellaneous files on android?

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android

It is easy to learn how to get rid of miscellaneous files on android

When you look at the internal storage, it reveals that files are taking up space.

Now, select Misc file to learn more about the types of files it contains. A new list will appear.

It shows why so many spaces a certain file takes up in the misc file.

How to free up memory storage

To free up the device’s memory storage, you should delete the miscellaneous files.

Unfortunately, deleting that file could lead to the loss of data saved in internal storage.

As a result, you’ll need to create a backup for any data stored on internal storage.

Now how to delete Miscellaneous files from your smartphone.

After that, we’ll talk about how to back up your data. For the backup operation, we’ll use an Android app.

We could simply operate that procedure with the help of that software.

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On Android, how can I delete miscellaneous files?

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android? First and foremost, you must examine your Android device’s internal storage.

Access the Menu on your smartphone after unlocking it.

Then, by heading into the device’s Settings, go to the Storage option.

You should be able to view how much storage is being utilized by programs, media, cached data, and so on.

You should see the choice of Misc documents or Miscellaneous files on the same screen.

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android

Tap on the file

How to get rid of miscellaneous files on android? Tap on it. It will provide a different list of files.

Choose all of the files in the Miscellaneous files to remove it.

You can also use the Select All option, which is found at the right top right of the screen.

After you’ve selected it, touch the Delete button.

Using the preceding procedure, you should be able to simply delete your Misc files.

Miscellaneous files can be deleted to save up internal storage space.

How to back up losing data

You can back up data that is lost when deleting miscellaneous files by utilizing an app.

The Online Android Backup app is the name of the app.

This data backup option is only applicable to Android users.

Please remember that if you’re backing up data with this program, your smartphone must be rooted.

All in all, We hope you found this topic about how to get rid of miscellaneous files on android? to be informative. Thank you for taking time to read that.





How to watch Netflix on iPhone in steps

How to watch Netflix on iPhone as a vast and very easy-to-reach movie and series library. With approximately 900 million worldwide iPhone clients and 203.67 million Netflix supporters. There is no question that Netflix is one of the best watching apps. Apple clients need to encounter the unparalleled video quality provided by Netflix and experience it on their adored and valued gadget. With excellent quality utilized in assembling iPhones, we honestly can’t fault Apple clients for requesting how to watch Netflix on iPhone.

How to watch Netflix on iPhone

How to watch Netflix on iPhone

How to watch Netflix, and why is it good?

How to watch Netflix on iPhone is a question proposed by many users because of the fantastic movies produced by Netflix.

Perhaps the most surprising element is its similarity with different devices, including Smart TV and other streaming devices.

Whenever you are attempting to answer how to watch Netflix on your iPhone.

You might become worried about the nature of the videos.

As Netflix is well known for its outstanding video quality.

You need to decide on the best goal.

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Steps to install Netflix on your iPhone:

Netflix is the most recommended app for iPhone users’ amusement, so that we will get to the installation process step by step.

  1. In the App store searching bar, type Netflix and click on the search button.
  2. Select the first result for the Netflix app.
  3. Click on the Get option, and the app will start to download.
  4. Once the downloading is done, you will find the app on the home page.
  5. Enter your recorder user on the app and start using it.

Signing in and out of Netflix for new users:

To sign in to Netflix, how to watch Netflix on iPhone and watch any available show.

You need to create your account.

You can create a new account on Netflix using your email, get through the steps, and the account will be registered.

Once the account is created, it will auto sign in, and you will get introduced to the home page.

When you are done using the app, you can keep the account signed in or sign out through the menu tab.

How to watch Netflix on iPhone

How to watch Netflix on iPhone and Streaming your Netflix over other devices:

Assuming you have an Airplay-empowered gadget like an Apple TV associated with a similar Wi-Fi network as your:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod contact

Netflix will show either the symbol or the symbol demonstrating that Airplay streaming is accessible.

Tapping both symbols will allow you to stream to your Airplay gadget.

If you don’t see either symbol in the Netflix application, make sure you have the most recent update.

And also that they’re both associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization.

In conclusion, here is how to watch Netflix on iPhone and make it your most-used app for its fantastic quality and affordable prices plans.




Discovery about PUBG lite download apk

PUBG lite download apk is a new version of the game, but it does not compete with its capabilities PUBG Mobile, as it lacks many of the features in the original game, but despite that, it gives the player a unique experience and some of its features make it easy to play for beginners For relatively modest and weak use systems, it also works easily and smoothly on all types of computers, it was designed with a small map of the map in the official version. Now, we will tell you all details about PUBG lite download apk.

pubg lite download apk

Features of PUBG lite download apk

The download size of this game is approximately 500 MB and is currently compatible with Android devices only.
It is not currently available on iOS devices. The game was developed using Unreal Engine 4, a game development engine.
Availability of the Arabic language & add a Middle East Server.

The hardcore mod has been cancelled. due to the lack of interest in it.

Can reduce grass on all maps.

How to download it?

  • From the official website of the PUBG lite download apk, press click on the word download game.
  • Press Click on the downloaded file twice, whenl you see the window to install the game on your device.
  • The installation window appears, choose the English language.
  • Press Next Select where to save the game data and then press install or so you have already been able to install.
  • Registration via email and you can practice with ease.

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All you need about google play app

Requirements of game

PUBG lite download apk can be downloaded & played on all Android devices. It is recommended to install it on phones running Android versions 4.3 and above.
which have at least 500MB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM or higher.
The company announced that the game will run smoothly even on devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Game updates

New updates to the game PUBG Lite download apk include a new weapon,RPG-7 missile launcher and a new vehicle.
The Buggy cart in addition to three new locations, and it has also increased the maximum number of players from 40 to 60 per round.

New updates include bullet trajectory adjustment, weapon recoil prevention, player location showing, ability to heal while on the move.
Improved map quality, longer kill time which increases player’s chance of survival and many other features.

pubg lite download apk

pubg lite download apk

The differences between PUBG Mobile, PUBG ML

The original version of PUBG Mobile requires devices with at least 2 GB of RAM to be able to run the game with the minimum settings available.
While HDG requires more RAM for the PUBG Mobile Lite, and since this version comes with lower specifications, it works well with less than 2 GB of RAM.

The PUBG Mobile game also occupies an area of ​​2.22 GB on the device.
PUBG ML space is reduced to maybe 500 MB when you install the PUBG Mobile Lite game.

Banned game

The game has sent a message to all its Players welcoming them, and informed them  unfortunately, a copy of PUBG ML will be discontinued.

The PUBG Lite download apk includes a limited number of options, and it comes with graphics with a lower resolution than the original version to allow the user a smoother and faster experience.

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All you need about google play app

Google play app is the most famous application for mobile,Its the official Google of the most symbolic digital marketplaces,digital boards. From here, Google distributes movies, games, books, but most often: applications.The very purely designed interface makes browsing between its categories to be an easy and smooth experience. If you are looking for books, quickly click on the “Books” icon to get a lot of titles, or if you are looking for anything, From inside, you can filter the search results by type ,Top selling or Top chart ,etc. Now, we will tell you all details about Google play app.

google play app

How to download Google play app

Search in google & Go to the Applications section ,Choose app , prees download
Accepted on Terms & conditions.
After downloading Play Store to download apps, all of Google Play media will be available to listen or watch or read.
By your Google account on any computer or phone or tablet. all you have to do to enjoy all the advantages of the Google Play Store mentioned above is to follow these simple steps.

Advantages of Application Google play

Easy way to get new apps or games for your phone through Google play app.
There are some great features that you may not have noticed if you didn’t explore the service often.
Here are some of the best features that the Play Store has to offer besides of the basics

From time to time the app developer can choose a beta version of their app where they try out new features.
These features you can get when you complete the download process of the Play Store on your Android phone.
This way, you are sure to receive all updates and trial versions.

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All details about Google console search engine optimization

Applications on google play store

Google Play app is the first and official place for sharing all applications by developers.
All users can access and explore those applications quickly and download them for free on their phones.

Its have more than five million applications, allowing you to search for applications and browse application categories according to your needs.
There are more than thirty six categories of applications on the Play Store, videos, applications and other categories.

google play app

Google Play Store for PC devices 

You can use Google Play for your computer through the Google Chrome browser by installing the Google Play app.

It enables you to access your account on the store to enjoy using  your favorites and follow that you have added to the store.
you can make in store purchases, browse apps and games faster,to add them to favorites to download at a later time.

Application Pros

You have time up to 15 minutes if you have purchased the apps and want a refund.

  • Paid apps are cheaper than other stores.
  • Update apps and games automatically.
  • All of the sections have several categories listed inside for easy access to apps, games, and other items.
  • Protect users from malicious applications.

Disadvantages of Google Play Store

  • Lots of apps and games are not available for download in some countries.
  • Applications are prohibited from sharing on the App Store, like video download applications.
  • Application files can’t download it directly.

You can install apps & games, or digital content on your device from the Google play app& use instant apps that do not require installation, but some types of content are available for free, and you may need to purchase others.