How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop? Even if you’re a content provider, developer, database administrator, gamer, or someone who has lately been required to work at home, a pc with several monitors not just to look beautiful, but it can also help you multitask with multiple apps and increase productivity. A multi-monitor configuration, on the other hand, is only useful if it is properly configured. So keep reading to know how to setup 4 monitors on a laptop?

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop

Know how to setup 4 monitors on a laptop

Most laptop users just use the laptop’s built-in LCD, but others require greater screen space.

Almost all laptops can immediately connect to a single external display and drive it.

Most laptop docking stations can accommodate two monitors with separate content on each screen through DisplayPort or HDMI ports.

There are four different types of docking stations that can accommodate multiple monitors.

Simple steps

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop? Select Start – Settings – System – and Display from the Start menu.

Choose an option in the Multiple displays section to decide how your desktop will appear across your screens.

Choose Keep changes once you’ve chosen what you want to see on your displays.

Can I operate four monitors from a laptop?

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop? A laptop with video hardware capable of supporting four independent screens,

Such as a gaming laptop, is required.

DisplayPort 1.2 may daisy chain up to 4 1080p monitors, but that doesn’t ensure the laptop can or will be able to drive them.

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Number of monitors I can connect to a computer

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop? So, how many monitors can you connect to your PC?

That is mostly dependent on the graphics hardware you have.

Most graphics cards can support two monitors, which means two separate screens can be plugged into the rear of the PC for desktops.

The card can power both the integrated display and one external monitor on laptops.

How to know whether the laptop handles four monitors?

Finding the name of your graphics card (Control Panel -Device Manager- and Display Adapters)

And Googling it with the monitor setup you want to run:

(How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop?  “Nvidia GTX 1660 four monitors”)

Is the best approach to find out if it supports multiple monitors.

May I attach three displays to the laptop?

If you are using DisplayPort tech with your Dell laptop, you may use the Intel HD graphics card to drive up to three monitors.

You can, for example, show graphics on the laptop screen as well as two external displays.

Alternatively, you can use three external monitors (one of which will match the laptop screen).

How to setup 4 monitors on a laptop

Can I connect two monitors to a laptop?

In this manner, you can add as many displays as your laptop has USB ports, at least technically.

Combine your laptop’s own screen, one monitor connected through HDMI/DisplayPort/DVI,

And one on a USB adapter for a quick and inexpensive multiple monitor setup.

All in all, through our previous article we had explained how to setup 4 monitors on a laptop in detail, we hope that may help you a little bit.





How to fix cracked computer screens in detail

How to fix cracked computer screens, Your computer may not be as crucial to you as your phone, but it’s still very significant. When you have a PC crisis, including a broken screen, an accidently erased essential file, or a virus, it’s reasonable if your initial instinct is to stop and freak out. Panicking, on the other hand, is counterproductive when time is of the utmost importance. So how to fix cracked computer screens?

How to fix cracked computer screens

How to fix cracked computer screens

Check to see if your computer’s screen has already been damaged merely, and not something more vital (such as your graphics card).

Try to use your computer ordinarily if your display is visually broken or cracked to observe if any additional problems occur.

If your laptop’s screen is functioning strangely but there is no visible damage, you can try connecting an external monitor to it.

To do this, you’ll need to have an output pin, as well as the appropriate cable and an outside monitor or TV.

Important note:

How to fix cracked computer screens? Some laptops include an outside display option that you must activate,

Which is commonly done via the Function keys.

If your laptop’s output appears to be fine on an external display,

You’re probably dealing with a minor screen problem rather than something more significant.

It should be fixed as follows:

The good news is that you don’t have to fix a broken screen straight away.

How to fix cracked computer screens? You are able to continue using your laptop as usual.

If it has a hairline crack around the edge, but you should avoid moving it, closing it,

Or traveling with it because any strain on the screen can lead the crack to become worse.

You could use your computer as a desk for the time being if you have an additional display on hand.

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To options to do

How to fix cracked computer screens? You have two alternatives if you want to fix your screen:

Do it yourself or have it repaired by a third-party repair company.

A basic laptop screen repair is easier than you may believe,

But if you have a specialized laptop like an Ultrabook, a two-in-one, or a MacBook, you should consult a professional.

Ultra-thin screens, like those seen on Ultrabooks and MacBook Airs, are particularly difficult to replace, and aren’t always worth it.

Is it really the screen that’s the issue?

When this happens, it may look that the problem is with your screen,

But there could be a deeper issue with the graphics card, other hardware, or even your software.

Connecting your computer to an external monitor is the best approach to figure this out.

How to fix cracked computer screens

What to do?

How to fix cracked computer screens? If everything appears to be in working order on an external monitor,

The problem is most likely with the laptop’s screen rather than the motherboard or other hardware.

If the problems persist outside of the computer, you may need to take it to a repair shop to get it back on track.

You might be able to reconnect a detached video cable if you’re tech-savvy, but it’s recommended that you don’t.

To sum up, how to fix cracked computer screens? However, there are several options for getting your display back up and running, and they don’t have to be expensive.





How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? Because WiFi has a limited range in your home, you won’t be able to access the internet from anyplace. To remotely share, the first step is to activate it. Your wifi can access your secure connections if you require it because of remote sharing. You’ll enable Dynamic DNS in step two. The third step entails gaining remote connection to your router. So how to connect to your home wifi from anywhere?

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere

Users connect any Router device to a cell connection of their choice via an Internet hotspot.

The use of mobile hotspots is timed to coincide with people’s departure from their houses.

The browser will allow you to surf the web wherever you go, in addition to offering internet connection for my house. homefpt.

Open your Web browser and connect to the host net:8080 from your home computer.

In contrast to Apple routers, this device is compatible with the majority of routers.

How Can I Access the Internet From Anywhere?

how to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? Just on a public Wi-Fi network, look for a hotspot location.

You can use a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the Internet through a cell phone network.

Apps for Wi-Fi can be utilized.

Ensure you have a wireless router that you can take with you.

Hidden networks can be located by searching for unofficial connections.

How Can I Access My Home Internet Anywhere?

You can access your router from a remote place and from any network point inside or outside your house when you use remote-sharing mode.

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? Although this is the beginning of distant sharing,

Creating an account requires you to be near your router.

If you’re utilizing a WiFi network, ensure that all of your devices connected to the network have a browser open.

How Do I Remotely Access My Local Network?

On the host computer, you must activate Remote Desktop Connection. In the Properties, turn on Desktop Connect for Windows.

Select Allow Remote Desktop Connection from the drop-down menu.

Attach the Remote Desktop Access application to the client machine and then run it.

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? Place your PC in the same room as the host.

Choose Remote Desktop Support For mobile to configure your remote desktop connection.

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A Device To Connect The Internet From Anywhere

Sapphire provides visitors with a mobile hotspot device so that they can remain connected while traveling throughout the world.

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? Not needing to stop, wait, or pay exorbitant roaming fees.

The Sapphire hotspot gadget makes connecting to the internet simple, allowing you to work from nearly anywhere.

How to connect to your home wifi from anywhere

Getting Internet On The Phone When I’m away?

These functions are available on the most recent phones with one-touch internet access.

By immediately enabling the pre-loaded site, you will be able to access the internet on your phone.

The default web browser can be found in the main panel or under the Apps section.

All in all, how to connect to your home wifi from anywhere? The above lines include all details related to the answer for your question, we hope that may be useful for you.





How to change DPI on razer DeathAdder

How to change dpi on razer deathadder, To make your goal more constant, you should invest in an excellent gaming mouse. You can choose from a range of Razer depending on your grip type. They are trustworthy and can assist you in improving your aim. In-game, you have a variety of programmable buttons to choose from, We’ll go over the features of the Razer Deathadder, which is a reasonably priced gaming mouse. So how to change dpi on razer deathadder.

How to change dpi on razer deathadder

Here’s how to change dpi on razer deathadder

You have a total of four DPI options to pick from. That one is at 450 DPI, followed by 900, 1800, then 3500 DPI.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a large mousepad and want to aim just with your wrist, a higher DPI level may be preferable.

This allows you to turn 180 degrees by simply shifting your mouse side to side or the other.

DPI standard

How to change dpi on razer deathadde, standard DPI is set to 1800 when you initially put in your mouse and go to the setup options,

While the polling rate is set to 500.

So, if you like to use your mouse at the normal Deathadder DPI,

Go into your Razer Synapse as well as set the DPI switcher to 1800, then save your changes.

You may also use programmable buttons to adjust the DPI in the middle of a game.

Enhance your aim

How to change dpi on razer deathadder, So, if you wish to enhance your aim, switching to a lower DPI is recommended.

It will be challenging at first, but with enough practice, you will quickly become accustomed to it.

If you practice often, you will notice that your aim improves gradually.

You’ll also need to start utilizing your arm more than that to aim correctly, and you can make micro-adjustments with your wrist.

How to change your DPI

Simply open the Synapse setup tool but then just click on the Razer Deathadder out from the main screen to restore default DPI settings.

You can locate a different sensitivity choice by going to the device settings and clicking on performance.

Simply type 1800 into one of the stages. Based on your preferences, you can either increase or reduce the number of stages.

The mouse button can be used to alter the DPI settings between levels while playing the game.

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After setting the DPI

How to change dpi on razer deathadder, After configuring the DPI stage to 1800,

All you have to do now is enable this level on your mouse.

Another option is to create a new profile, which will automatically reset the DPI to default values and restore your mouse to its previous state.

How to change dpi on razer deathadder

What if you have high DPI settings?

The fact that you have a higher DPI setting does not imply that the aim will be poor.

Several professional gamers with incredible aiming skills who play on high DPI.

How to change dpi on razer deathadder, However, you will have to put in a lot more effort to make your goal consistent.

High DPI players are prone to exceeding the maximum and stuttering while aiming.

Switch to 400 or 600 DPI and actually practice if you want to enhance your aim quickly.

Finally, how to change dpi on razer deathadder? If you believe your mouse is faulty, please contact Razer support as soon as possible.





How to install a second SSD in detail

How to install a second SSD, This article  will show you how to add a second SSD to a Windows computer. It covers the required components, physical installation, and drive initialization with Windows Disk Management. This info is for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, respectively. So through the following lines, we are going to explain how to install a second SSD using simple steps to do, just keep reading to know.

How to install a second SSD

 How to install a second SSD?

Over time, files accumulate. You’ll eventually have to choose between removing old files and employing a supplementary storage device.

You can add storage to your computer by using a usb.

You could install a second SSD if your computer casing allows it and you have all of the essential components and equipment.

Steps to install a second SSD are as follows:

Clear the power cord from your computer then open the case directly.

Look for a free drive bay.

Take the drive caddy and replace it with your new SSD.

Replace the drive caddy in the drive bay.

Install a SATA data cable into a free SATA data cable connector on your motherboard.

SATA Power

How to install a second SSD? Find a SATA power connector that isn’t in use.

Connect your SSD disc to the SATA power and data connections.

Make sure that almost all of the wires are securely seated, and that nothing has been accidentally unplugged or knocked free.

Close your case, reconnect all of your cables, and power up your computer.

Getting Ready to Install a Second SSD

It takes two steps to install a second SSD in a Windows PC.

To get the operating system to detect and use the drive,

You must first physically insert it inside the PC and then set it up to use the Windows System Management utility.

What you will need

How to install a second SSD? If you want to add a second SSD to your PC, here’s what you’ll need:

A PC with an open drive bay

There is an open SATA data connector.

A solid-state drive (SSD)

To open the casing and put the drive in place, you’ll need a screwdriver.

A data cable for SATA

A SATA power connector is available.

If the SSD will be inserted in a 5.25-inch drive bay, you’ll need an adapter.

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The drive bay

An open drive bay and an open SATA data connection on your motherboard are the most significant of these elements.

Most computer systems have many open bays, and even most motherboards have multiple SATA connections for SSDs.

And other peripherals such as Blu-ray drives, and you should double-check that you have enough space before purchasing a new SSD.

How to install a second SSD

Exception For laptops

How to install a second SSD? Laptops are something else, as most do not have enough space for a second SSD to be installed.

You won’t need a SATA connector if your laptop has enough space.

Power and data connections are incorporated into laptop drive bays.

You could buy a SATA controller that plugs into a PCI or PCIe slot if your motherboard doesn’t even have any open SATA ports.

If you run out of SATA power connections, you can use a Molex converter or a SATA power cable splitter.

In the end, how to install a second SSD? Note: Using Macrium Reflect 7 to clone an HDD to an SSD. Just go Clone Your Disk – Destination – Select the Disk to Clone to and select the drive you want to clone.





How to upgrade laptop graphics using simple steps

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Many people nowadays prefer laptop computers to desktop computers, owing to their portability. What happens, though, if you need to upgrade it or if a part inside it fails? What if the component in question is a high-priced graphics card? Can I replace it with something else? That is the primary reason I created this QR code, so let’s find out how to upgrade laptop graphics?

How to upgrade laptop graphics

How to upgrade laptop graphics?

Most of the time, upgrading your laptop’s graphics card is not doable.

If you want to improve your gaming performance, the greatest thing you can do is purchase a new laptop.

Many laptops with MXM slots, on the other hand, get both the CPU and GPU swapped.

Tip you must know about new devices

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Before you buy any new device, keep in mind that there are five different versions available,

each with five different cords for an old laptop.

If your laptop has an express card slot, you can get the mobile PCI express module;

If your laptop was made before 2015, you can order the tiny PCIe cable. There is indeed a GFF version, a Mac version,

And an M.2 version for new laptops.

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How To Install An External Graphics Card?

The steps for upgrading the laptop graphics card are as follows:

Step 1: 

How to upgrade laptop graphics? First, you must download the driver for your graphics card.

Simply type NVIDIA Geforce GTX drivers into your browser,

Then go to the NVIDIA website and choose your graphic card. .

You must now choose the product type, series, product, operating system, and language.

Step 2: 

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Take apart the graphics laptop and look for the wireless LAN card hidden inside the laptop GPU cord.

Remove the Wi-Fi LAN card and plug in the external GPU cable.

Stop the PXE boot to LAN feature. This is required in order to install an external GPU.

Use this power source to power up the EXP GDC notebook graphics card dock.

Connect the EXP GDC dock to the laptop’s external GPU connection and the PSU’s 6 pin power ports.

Step 3:

How to upgrade laptop graphics? Place the graphics card in the PCIe slot at this point.

Connect a second power supply again from PSU to the graphic card.

Turn on your computer and run the graphic driver.

To get the laptop to work properly, you may need to restart it once or twice.

There, you should see if any BIOS updates are required.

How to upgrade laptop graphics

Knowing if you can upgrade the graphics card

If you want to learn how to upgrade the laptop’s latest GPUs, go to the product’s official website and have a look at it.

Laptops, in general, are unable to do so.

However, if you want to use an additional full-length GPU with your laptop,

You must match the laptop’s requirements with the GPU you wish to use.

All in all, how to upgrade laptop graphics? Technically, it is practically hard to upgrade the GPU in most circumstances.