How to lock YouTube screen when browsing

How to lock YouTube Screen? Playing YouTube videos with the screen off is difficult, as it is normal that once you turn off the phone screen YouTube automatically stops, so you cannot listen to the videos  and there is no setting to solve this problem In the default YouTube application, but there are still two ways to play YouTube videos with the screen off, follow the following lines to learn how to lock YouTube screen.

How to lock YouTube scree

How to lock YouTube screen

The YouTube app is designed to help you watch videos, after all, YouTube is the most popular video hosting site.

So if you want to listen to YouTube videos like music, TED talks, and interviews, you can use a browser.

The browser provides you with all the features you are looking for, which allows you to use the YouTube better.

And there are some other ways to help you, so now we will learn how to lock YouTube screen.

How to lock YouTube scree

How to play YouTube videos with the mobile screen turned off

If you are looking for how to lock YouTube screen, you can use a web browser to watch YouTube.

Where you can use browser applications such as Google Chrome or Firefox and this method should work on all devices.

Download and install Google Browser

Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your phone or device (your device probably already has Chrome).

And then go to YouTube from within the browser and click on the Settings button (three dots) on the right.

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How to use the Newpipe app

We have already mentioned how to lock YouTube screen, and here is another way to play YouTube in the background.

you can launch F-Droid at first the list of applications will be empty on F-Droid first download a list of applications.

This may take a few seconds and then you can type NewPipe in the search field In the search result.

Then click the Install button to install NewPipe, and to get more of the other advantages while downloading this version.

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Subscribe to YouTube Premium

Subscribing to YouTube Premium, one of the main selling points of the new YouTube Premium subscription service (formerly known as Red).

You can access these features in addition to Browse YouTube videos without ads, and If you are using an iPhone.

the process is a little different, basically ios does not make it easy for you but there is a workaround.

And you will have to abandon your default Safari browser first and download an alternative.

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In short, how to lock YouTube screen on your phone depends on several mechanisms in common with each other.

From the type of phone you own to the other helpful and good applications you may use in this matter.