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Google Drive is an important app tool from the Google Cloud services to View also provides you with the programs or applications of Google.It works very well with other operating systems, especially the Android operating system, which fits very comfortably ,users can store files and share them with other users by the Internet, where It is concerned with providing a storage space , you can save files on the Internet for this users On storage servers and this ًًWork on different systems like Windows system, Mac system, IOS system, Android system for google drive

Advantages Google Drive

Can be used when you create a Google Account, which gives the user access to all other Google drive services, including it.
Involves its use of many different features, including the following it is easy to use;all options are clearly and directly visible through it
App provides for users with a free large storage capacity of 15 GB maximum, but user can pay a monthly amount to obtain larger storage capacities starting from 100 GB

google drive

How can I use an application?

Function any option on the Google Drive screen can be known by moving the mouse pointer over that option , you can see it

Availability to search for files on It easily by many options, likename, date, or even based on who the file was shared with.

google drive

App Spaces of shared

Shared spaces are one of the types of organizational folders available by Google Drive.
Which files and folders of public ownership are created for a group of people instead of a single person.
where all members of the group retain access to those files and folders located across Its shared spaces even if any of the group members leave,
Files placed across App shared spaces are automatically shared as soon as they are added.

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How do I share a document with someone using an app?

Shared spaces are distinguished in that they can define the powers which members of the group.
Where some of them can be granted full permissions, while the permissions were limited to read only,
Edit It includes two main categories of organizational folders.
Sharing documents is easy. Simply choose File, then Share, and enter the email address of the person or people you want to share the document with.

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What kind of files can be stored in It?

Google Drive Supports movies, music, photos, documents, and more, and supports files and sizes that Google says it stores in Drive.

Documents Up to 1.02 million characters If you convert a text document to format, it can be up to 50MB in size.

The Spreadsheets Up to two million spreadsheet cells created or converted to Google Sheets.
All other files up to 5 TB.

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How do I get the app on Device?

download the app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices from their app stores.and You can download it to your Mac or PC directly from Google.


Google Drive is the official app for the service of the same name, which allows you to have access to your Google virtual hard drive from any Android device with stable internet coverage, its Easy access to your virtual hard disk and all the files that other users make at your disposal.