Youtube online download how to do

Youtube online download, There’s no denying that when it relates to watching videos and other content, YouTube is the first pick of viewers. However, this program, like anything else, has a functionality limit, which is visible if you try to save YouTube videos for free. While you could save a few videos, you will not be able to download them. You might be wondering about youtube online download to your phone or other devices.

Youtube online download

YouTube Premium is ideal if you want an ad-free experience, the ability to watch videos offline,

And the ability to listen to music or watch videos without even getting interrupted (even when using another app).

But, you could only download public videos if the creator has activated the download feature.

Launch YouTube.

Open the YouTube app and make sure your browser is up to date; otherwise, the download will attempt.

Youtube online download

Choose the video quality to download.

Select Downloads from the hamburger menu in the top left side, slide to the bottom, then choose Settings.

You can select the video resolution you want to download—YouTube premium members can download videos up to 1080p.

Get the video here.

For youtube online download, Open the video that you wish to save. Right next to the Save option,

Click the three dots and select Download.

Youtube online download

Offline playback of the video

Once the video has finished youtube online download, go to the top left and select Downloads from the hamburger menu.

The video is available for offline viewing here.

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How to save a YouTube video on your phone

All YouTube users have the option of downloading videos to their phones for offline viewing.

Non-YouTube premium users, on the other hand, can only keep video files for 48 hours before having to reconnect to the internet to keep them.

YouTube Premium members, on the other hand, can keep an infinite number of videos for offline watching until they remove them directly. ‍

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‍What will you need:

For youtube online download, Simply open the YouTube video you wish to watch offline and select Download from the drop-down menu.

Then look in the Downloads area for it.

Please keep in mind that these films will be preserved in the YouTube app, not in your files or library.

If you wish to download a YouTube video to a different location, use the following methods:

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TubeMate is an app to download videos (online, free)

TubeMate is the ideal option if you would not want to lose data when getting a YouTube video to your Android phone.

It allows you to select the resolution, download an infinite number of YouTube videos, save the video to internal storage or an SD card,

And download only the sound without the video.

As a result, it provides you with a great deal of flexibility and regulation.

Finally, About youtube online download, remember that it’s difficult to choose among the many YouTube video download options available online.