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The pubge mobile lite apk is a version of the popular PUBG Mobile game, which has been produced for mid-range Android device, pubge mobile lite apk offers you the same gaming experience as the original game, but with some differences, if you want to know more about this game, and what are its new features, in addition how can you play with it, continue with us in this article.

Pubge Mobile Lite Apk

Information of pubge mobile lite apk

The pubge mobile lite apk has same gameplay that you find in other titles in the Battle of Kings series.

But your goal here is to survive in ever-shrinking scenes and be the only player to survive on the battlefield.

You will have a large number of weapons, vehicles and other equipment at your disposal, you have to use them intelligently to beat all your rivals.

It allows you to participate in battles of up 60 players at the same time and no more.

Game Features

This game pubge mobile lite apk has fantastic feature are:

  • The pubge mobile lite apk works on weak devices.
  • It offers you all the weapons and advantages in the game but in a small size.
  • Do not consume a large Internet.
  • It allows you to experience a faster and more exciting gaming experience.
  • Instead of the battles that last for thirty minutes, here the battles only last for 15 minutes.

What’s new in PUBG MOBILE LITE?

There are many advantages, and the most important features are:

  • It is completely free on the Internet, and it also has the advantage of providing you with high quality.
  • It provides accurate audio and visual effects so that all users can play and play on it.
  • It provides you with a lot of levels, stages, and missions that get more and more difficult.
  • Every time you win and complete the missions so that the game becomes fun.
  • Through the game you and your friends can playin teams.
  • These teams and eliminate other teams in order to win and get the first place.

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How can you download the game?

pubge mobile lite apk can be downloaded by entering the Google Play Store and searching for it.

Then, press the install button and wait for a while complete download process.

Pubge Mobile Lite Apk

What can you do to make the game run smoothly when it lags?

If pubge mobile lite apk lags you can do following:

  • Close all processes and restart your device.
  • Check your battery level.
  • On some phones, processor frequency will be lowered when the battery level is low.
  • This may result in lower frame rate and game lags.
  • Consider charging the phone till sufficient batter level, then experience the game.
  • Check the temperature of your phone.
  • Could make your phone really hot and reduce frame rate.
  • Consider pausing the charging temporarily.
  • Check your connection signal.


It is worth noting that pubge mobile lite apk has succeeded in transferring the experience of all the excitement of ‘PUBG Mobile’ to the mid-range devices that have a smaller memory.


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