Know the ads revenue per 1000 views?

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What is the ads revenue per 1000 views? this question is in the minds of everyone who work on the internet and wants to earn the money from Google AdSense, it is one of the most popular methods to collect the money these days, so we chose in this article to talk about the ads revenue per 1000 views, if you are interested in this continue reading the article below.

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What is the ads revenue per 1000 views?

ads revenue per 1000 views

The ads revenue per 1000 views is calculated by the following way.

Your estimated earnings divide by the number of page views you get, then multiplied by 1000.

That is based on the content power and traffic, so if it is more attractive and powerful you receive more dollars.

In addition to that, that depends on the type of niche, and country that traffic comes from.

How is it based on the type of niche?

ads revenue per 1000 views

The ads revenue per 1000 views based on the type of niche.

So, if you have a tech site and one of the visitors clicks on ads, you will get $1.7 per click.

So that, if you have thousands of visitors, and the rate of Click-through-rate is 1%.

You will have 1 click for a hundred visitors, and ten clicks for a thousand visitors.

As a result, you will get $17 for 1000 visitors.

Where the average Costs per Mille that you receive from your content.

That can be from $4 to $6 for every 1000 views to develop countries.

How can you get payments from Google AdSense?

After you know the ads revenue per 1000 views, we will explain the way payment by ads.

You create the AdSense account for once, and the units of your ad up and running, and increase your views.

So, you must start to get payments from Google every month, where Google pays you about or over $100 every month.

The company pays you directly, depositing to your bank account or via check (where available).

In addition to that, if your earnings in a month don’t reach $100, it accumulates until it does.

What are the payment methods by Google AdSense?

Including talking about ads revenue per 1000 views, it is worth knowing the methods by which you can get your money.

Google AdSense provides us with several ways to get our money are:

  • PayPal payment method.
  • Payment by Western Union.
  • Payment by Cheques.
  • Payment using Electronic Funds Transfers (ETF).
  • Payment with Wire Transfers.
  • Western Union Quick Cash.
  • Payment by Rapida.
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Only you need to choose the method that is suitable and works best for you.


After you know what the ads revenue per 1000 views is? you can choose the way that is suitable for you, to start earning money from Google AdSense by working on the internet, if you have any questions contact us, or go to Google support.


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