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  Let’s dig deep into how YouTube users make money. YouTube does not give channel owners money for views, but the profit is achieved through the ads that appear within the video.

There are conditions that must be met in order for YouTube for ads to be placed within your videos. Nobody, not even YouTube, can tell you a fixed number that

you can earn from your YouTube channel. Let’s find out more about facts nobody would tell you on how YouTube users make money.

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How YouTube users make money

For those wondering how YouTube users make money, the average YouTube profit, for a thousand views, ranges from 30 cents up to 3 dollars, 

Of course, some YouTube channels earn less than 30 cents for a thousand views.

There are also YouTube channels that earn more than 3 dollars for a thousand views, which may reach up to $10.

Cost per Impression is how much you earn as a YouTube channel owner per thousand views, but here it is not for video views.

Factors that determine how YouTube users make money

Video content and video time

In general, the more views you earn, the more expensive are the ads, since a lot of advertisers compete to display their ads.
So, carefully choose your ideas to attract more expensive ads’ offers. 

A fully watched video gets a better chance in attracting advertisers.

Video Content Quality

The richer your channel’s content, the higher are your chances of getting a higher profit.

Your profit is also affected by factors specific to YouTube itself and its algorithms for distributing ads to videos and determining earnings.


Tips to increase your earnings on YouTube

Pick an idea, for your YouTube channel that is more likely to attract expensive ads.

Direct your videos to countries with more paying advertisers.

Create high quality videos and rich content to get more views.

Encourage and entice viewers of your videos to watch the video to the end.

Double your marketing efforts to attract more viewers and subscribers.

Create videos regularly to get new opportunities for more views.


In short, to understand more about how YouTube users make money, you need a set of things, and then you must meet a set of YouTube conditions in order to actually start making money.



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